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when do the GCSE certificates get delivered?

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Pastacube Wed 13-Sep-17 15:01:05

That's it really, I couldn't find anything googling :/

Icouldbeknitting Wed 13-Sep-17 15:06:09

I thought it was usual to go in and collect them at the time set by the school. I remember it being October for ours.

Pastacube Wed 13-Sep-17 15:25:04

Ah thank you

Iwantacampervan Wed 13-Sep-17 15:28:43

My daughter had been asked to go back to her school to collect her GCSE certificates any time week commencing 20th November.

Last year my eldest went back to her school (different school, different boards) on 2nd December.

TeenTimesTwo Wed 13-Sep-17 15:29:26

DD had her presentations evening in the November.

xyzandabc Wed 13-Sep-17 20:33:24

Schools usually have them all by early November. Though last year OCR sent them later than usual and we didn't have them in time for the presentation evening. That was a bugger to sort out!

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