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St George's Weybridge - opinions?

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Frankfurt17 Mon 11-Sep-17 10:43:09

Would be grateful for your thoughts on SGW. Thinking about this for secondary school for DD. How tough is the entrance exam? Many Thanks.

BizzyFizzy Tue 12-Sep-17 17:43:11

My boys went there, but I chose to send my girls to SWPS.

Sunshine5050 Tue 12-Sep-17 19:31:06

For Jan 2018 the entrance exam is on same day as Kingston Grammar therefore encouraging parents to make choices.
There is a back up date too.
The number of spaces depends on number of children feeding from Junior School.
It's a good school but you can't rely on getting a place.

Frankfurt17 Tue 12-Sep-17 19:47:04

Thanks ladies. Please keep opinions coming! I am looking at September 19 entry. We currently live overseas and dd is in grade 4 of the primary years programme of the IB.

Sunshine5050 Wed 13-Sep-17 20:37:34

If you visit St George's you should fit in visits to Sir William Perkins (known as SWIPS), Norte Dame school for Girls and St John's Leatherhead with possibly St Teresa Effingham or Surbiton High - this range of schools will help you to gauge the ability level needed to be offered a place. If you want to stick with IB try ACS Cobham too! For additional mixed schools with varying levels of entrance difficulty compare St George's to Kingston Grammar, Epsom College and Claremont Fan Court School.

Frankfurt17 Thu 14-Sep-17 11:38:14

Thanks sunshine. Have you seen the fees for ACS Cobham?! Well out of our league. We are keen for a Catholic school and preferably mixed. So much to think about.

BizzyFizzy Fri 15-Sep-17 19:22:11

St. George's is far more academic that Epsom College, and had a completely different demographic being a day school.

Jaffajuices Sat 11-Nov-17 00:25:41

Lovely school St Georges, all kinds of children, academically good at GCSE, my eldest two left with all A/A* grades. My youngest DS didn't make it at 11 plus, August born, so we will try again.

Jaffajuices Sat 11-Nov-17 00:26:46

I would say Claremont are academicallyweak

Frankfurt17 Fri 24-Nov-17 08:29:14

Thanks so much.

Fffion Sun 26-Nov-17 15:46:39

St George’s have traditionally taken a third from their junior school, a third from prep schools and a third from primary schools - no quotas as such, but that’s how it usually works out. They have exactly 110 places in Y7/8.

The entrance exam is VR/NVR and a maths paper, iirc.

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