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GCSE Results Day 2017

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justmumof1 Mon 21-Aug-17 06:45:22

Hard to belive that I was here 5 years ago sweating it out for the results of his secondary school offer!

Only a few days now bwfore the GCSE results come out. DS is starting to get am I!

Furball Mon 21-Aug-17 07:13:24

I'll come and sit in here with you

LineysRun Mon 21-Aug-17 07:15:47

My OH's daughter has taken maths GCSE for the fourth time. She isn't especially hopeful but miracles happen, right? I'm anxious for her.

booellesmum Mon 21-Aug-17 07:19:23

Good luck to all our kids.
DD declared yesterday she's not nervous now but just wants to know as it's been such a long wait.

Teddygirlonce Mon 21-Aug-17 08:14:07

Will come and sit with you too.

DS declared yesterday that he wished he could just get his results now. It seems to have been a very long summer. Not sure what Thursday will bring but we shall find out soon enough!

MsHarry Mon 21-Aug-17 08:18:52

Morning, DD has hers on Thursday too. She feels confident one day then remembers a few tricky questions and swings back the other way. She had high predictions which adds it's own pressure. What are your DC planning to do on results day? My DD is meeting up with a couple of friends and going to school to get results. Back in my day I had them posted and sat on the stairs alone to open them.

Teddygirlonce Mon 21-Aug-17 08:38:31

DS seems to be remembering all the things he thinks he got wrong rather than concentrating on the questions he know he answered correctly.

DS will be going into school but not sure he's arranged to hook up with his friends (yet). He is an early-bird so may well get there for 9am. I'm trying to encourage him to go out with his friends afterwards, as long as he lets us know how he's done...

When I got my results there was some type of localised postal strike so they were virtually a week late arriving, by which time we'd phoned school to get them. Having to go into school to get them is much more grown-up (a real case of feel the fear and do it anyway) IMHO.

ifonly4 Mon 21-Aug-17 08:40:47

I'm here with you as well. DD's new school require a high pass in maths in order to do a science subject. DD was one who did that awful Edexcel paper and that's the result she's worried about, so much so she's already chosen a back up subject.

DD says we're not allowed anywhere near the school on results day. I just know it'll be a social event of talking to her friends and teachers and she'll forget about us. Have pointed out she needs to get back quick if her results aren't what she hoped for though, so we can contact first choice sixth form.

SoPassRemarkable Mon 21-Aug-17 09:04:11

Can I pull up a seat?

Feel sick about Thursday. Dd needs certain grades for the sixth form she wants.

EsmeMargaretNoteSpelling Mon 21-Aug-17 09:10:03

Waiting for results in this house too. DD confided in me yesterday that's she's really nervous but the actual exams seem so long ago she's struggling to remember how hard or easy they were! Results will be emailed to her by school I think.

JufusMum Mon 21-Aug-17 09:14:12

DD only getting English Lit (year 10), she is hoping to scrape a 4, she was woefully underprepared and a summer baby so only 14 when she sat the exam, but she doesn't want to have to resit

justmumof1 Mon 21-Aug-17 09:51:53

Yes, it's all so stressful. The new GCSE's are only adding to the stress!

We will be going to school with my son- at his request! Will keep a respectful distance.

Dancergirl Mon 21-Aug-17 09:56:52

Checking in. What a long wait it has been. Only a few days to go now. Dd needs an A in History and at least a 7 in English to secure a scholarship at her new school.

Best of luck to everyone.

FairNotFair Mon 21-Aug-17 10:14:34

Poor DS has his 16th birthday just before Results Day. I don't think he's feeling too bothered about birthday fun at the moment sad.

Danglingmod Mon 21-Aug-17 10:20:50

Ds not able to predict how he's done at all.

Apart from double science, all his subjects are essay ones or project ones (like art) so he can't think of any "wrong" answers to dwell on (he sat maths early and already has a good grade).

Don't want to wish away the penultimate week of the hols, but roll on Thursday!

Fancyaruck Mon 21-Aug-17 10:24:43

Nervous teacher here - already started having dreams about the results! Really feel for you all and your DS/DDs going through this first big year of changes.

CiderwithBuda Mon 21-Aug-17 10:28:03

DS got four As. In a dream. So he's feeling relaxed. hmm

Reality is that he hasn't been in school since November due to daily migraines (now thankfully much better) and did all of the exams at home. With minimal work.

He wants to stay at his current school for 6th form and needs five Cs. Although I think they will be flexible.

I'm trying not to think about it too much.

MsHarry Mon 21-Aug-17 11:40:36

I am glad my DD is staying on at her school for 6th form. Takes that added pressure away.

FrogsLegs31 Mon 21-Aug-17 11:55:35

My first Yr11 class get theirs on thurs and so does my nephew so I'm super excited for them all too

clary Mon 21-Aug-17 12:01:14

My DD dreamed she got E in drama and I was screaming at her (oh dear) - I think actually she can't get below C in it ...

I am now really feeling ill about it which is stupid really, but she worked so hard and is really hoping for an 8 in Eng Lit (her big A level choice).

DS1 retook Eng Lang after getting E two years ago, so we have a double whammy.

Hope everyone gets what they need and let's all remember: we can do nothing (much) about it now and if they worked hard, then they will get the best they can really (even if it's not the best we hope for...really really hope DS gets a C).

RaptorInaPorkPieHat Mon 21-Aug-17 12:24:13

Checking in.

DD is nervous. I am nervous (but trying really hard not to show it).

She needs an A equivalent in Maths to do science at her current 6th form otherwise she'll be going out of town to college.

School opens at 8am on thursday, DD's plan is to get in and out without having to 'socialise'.

Bobbybobbins Mon 21-Aug-17 12:49:18

Good luck to everyone's children!

I'm a teacher and already incredibly nervous, eek!

BigSandyBalls2015 Mon 21-Aug-17 12:52:41

Both my DDs are getting a little nervous about Thursday. One minute they think they've done alright, the next they're convinced they've failed most of them. I'm sure they'll be fine.

They need 7 to stay on at their 6th form.

BigSandyBalls2015 Mon 21-Aug-17 12:53:53

DT2 keeps saying she doesn't think she's done as well as her sister ...... I'm biting my lip and not saying "well she worked a lot harder at home than you did".

ifonly4 Mon 21-Aug-17 13:02:47

FairNotFair, my DD's 16th birthday is GCSE results, so I know how you feel. When she wakes up in the morning, I think it'll be her results on her mind not her birthday. It'd be great to think she could do something in the morning with her friends and see family later, but we can't really plan anything in case we need to change subjects with her Sixth Form.

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