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Will there be Y6 SATs resits?

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pinkrocker Tue 11-Jul-17 14:20:48

My daughter has passed a third of hers, despite trying so desperately hard, poor love.
The Head of her school said in April that they hadn't decided if they will make them resit in Y7.
Does anyone have any experience of resits?
I know the Govt said in Jan that there wouldn't be resits, but can a school do resits if they want?

noblegiraffe Tue 11-Jul-17 14:59:40

The DfE scrapped the idea but I think said they would make some resources available for schools to use internally if they wanted.

I can't imagine schools choosing to do resits, it was a terrible idea in the first place and will make bog-all difference to anything.

NWgirls Tue 11-Jul-17 15:44:06

Praise her for the effort! cake Willingness to work hard is 100 times more important than whether someone got 98 or 102 or whatever. The focus on "pass" vs. "fail" is counterproductive here - it is not a driver's license. Cheer up and look forward!

Sats are mostly for the school anyway, and she does not really "need" the results for anything - although it is of course sensible to ponder implications, in particular (relative) strengths to build on at secondary and later.

steppemum Tue 11-Jul-17 15:53:41

Sats are for school, she doesn't need to resit. The gov do not require them to resit anymore

NWgirls Tue 11-Jul-17 15:54:41

And resits was a terrible idea as NobleGiraffe said. U-turn; hurrah:

eyebrowsonfleek Tue 11-Jul-17 17:08:52

I think that it was inevitable that it would be cancelled as secondary schools wouldn't have the time to teach and test the ks2 syllabus without affecting ks3 work.

pinkrocker Tue 11-Jul-17 19:27:48

That's reassuring, many thanks.
She knows how proud I am of her, she really struggled with all the intensive interventions they put in place for her, particularly for maths.
She won't be re-sitting either way! smile

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