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IB Results Day - Delight or Devastation?

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MrsKlugscheisser Thu 06-Jul-17 20:54:31

DD1 missed her first choice (Warwick) by two points. Evenmore galling, she missed the grades she needed by one mark in each subject, so we're going for a remark.

Results at her school seem to be quite mixed.

newnamenewnamenewname Thu 06-Jul-17 22:13:15

I've just started a thread about IB remarks. My DS is in the same position as your DD sad English SL and EE both on the upper boundary for the grade and he missed his offer by 1 point. Just one more mark in those two subjects and he would have exceeded his offer...

Good luck with the remarks! Have you spoken to Warwick? Is your DD doing a course where there is a chance they might take her with a near miss?

Mixed results at his school too - one student failed the diploma. As much as I think the IB is a far better preparation for uni, I do think it can put UK students at a disadvantage when competing for places at university against A-level students. DS' strengths are in the sciences so he probably would have breezed 3 Science A-levels. That said, I have no worries about him coping with the workload at med school after 2 years of IB!

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