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School appeal

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Flixybelle Tue 27-Jun-17 23:14:43

I am looking for some advice for my sister, her dd is suppose to start high school in Sept. She applied for a school but then after the deadline HAD to move house. She is now in a different LA approx 6 miles from her old home.
The school dn has a place at is 5 miles from her new address with no direct public transport and no school bus (DS doesn't drive) She is wanting to apply for a place within the new authority however they are saying that they don't have any places at all. Is her new LA obliged to find her a school place? Does she have grounds to appeal a place in the new area ? or will they just say she has to commute to the old area?

prh47bridge Wed 28-Jun-17 00:57:40

If the new LA is unable to find a place nearer home they must provide free transport to and from school. Reminding them of that fact may spur them into action.

If the journey to the allocated school takes more than 75 minutes in each direction your sister can argue that this is an unreasonable distance. That would be grounds for an appeal. It is also grounds for arguing that the new LA must find her a place.

She can appeal even if the distance is not unreasonable. She would have to show that the disadvantage to her child from not being admitted outweighs the disadvantage to the school from having to cope with an additional pupil. This should be based on things the appeal school offers that are not available at the allocated school.

Flixybelle Wed 28-Jun-17 19:23:07

Thank you that is very helpful.

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