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Secondary school transfer

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siska57 Sat 24-Jun-17 20:58:10

I am new to this forum and hoped I could get some advice from more experienced mums. I have been struggling with the right answer on my own.
I am planning to move from Islington to Muswell Hill area. I have two daughters currently in year 8 and year 4 in Islington schools. I have been checking the secondary schools in Muswell Hill and come across Fortismere and Alexandra Park School. Could anyone please be able to express an opinion regarding these schools? Has anyone been through the same problem of changing area? I am searching for a property at the moment and I know how important is to be close to the school but both of them fall in different catchment area so I nee to make my mind.
I just hope that anyone has had the same or similar situation in the past.
Many thanks to all of you.


titchy Sat 24-Jun-17 21:10:33

For year 8 catchment areas won't matter - if they have a place when you apply they have to offer it to you. If they don't, then your child won't be offered a place. Admissions criteria only matter when you're applying for year 7 entry.

Islington to MH isnt that far though, can't they stay where they are?

user1497480444 Sun 25-Jun-17 05:56:46

it will matter for the year 4 dd

PatriciaHolm Sun 25-Jun-17 15:05:12

Neither school has a formal catchment, the admissions criteria are the normal (children in need, social:medical need, siblings, children of staff, other) with the tie break being distance in a straight line from the school.

So for your yr8, it will be an in year application, and distance will only determine where she is on the waiting list if there is one. If they have a space in the right year, she will be given it regardless of where you live. However, if they are full, the LEA will find you a place somewhere else.

For your year 4 for immediate admission, it will be the same - the LEA should be able to tell you which schools have spaces.

When it comes to applying for her secondary in early yr6, she will benefit from sibling priority to her siblings school if you want them at the same place. Otherwise admissions will be on the normal criteria.

TestTubeTeen Mon 26-Jun-17 21:57:32

Titchy: it will matter if there are other families on a waiting list for in-year admission.

Depending on which schools have a sibling criteria, if the younger child gets a Yr 7 place, then the older one will be in a higher category for an in-year place.

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