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What Grade/Score/Percentage is a "Pass" in the GCSE Sciences??

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user1497126393 Sat 17-Jun-17 21:12:03

What Grade/Score/Percentage is a "Pass" in the GCSE Sciences??

I ask, as my nephew will take GCSE Double tier Science in the following year and he is utterly confused and apprehensive on whether its a Grade C or if it's a D!

All he was told by his teachers that:
"you MUST pass, if you don't then you have up to 3 chances to do so".

Also- I'm sorry to be a pessimist but he struggles with science, so what if he fails on the 3rd attempt? sad

I'm now scared for him and just want to give him answers even if they are not what he wants to hear!

Please answers on this specific topic anyone!

1981trouble Sat 17-Jun-17 21:16:31

The rules keep changing so it will depend on the cohort and exam board to a certain extent.

I think, now, only first attempt counts for schools statistics but resits will count for individual kids grade (but if you resist and it's lower result the lower result will stick).

I guess the 3 attempts things will be no of exam entry points before they leave. The new exams come in soon which will be different again so will limit resit options of the last cohorts.

titchy Sat 17-Jun-17 21:26:21

It's number grades next year, 9-1, not letters. A grade 4 will be a pass, and 5 a 'good' pass (don't ask!). With letters a C has always been regarded as a pass, although D and below are still passes, but at a lower level.

Not sure about the three attempts business - kids don't generally retake GCSEs, apart from Maths and English which they must keep retaking till they get at least a 4.

clary Sat 17-Jun-17 23:25:04

Yes, he will get a grade from 9-1, 9 being the highest.

4 is roughly equivalent to a low C in old money, so grades below that will require a retake to pass, but yes, AFAIK only in maths and English.

Science GCSE is not essential for your future plans unless you want to be a primary school teacher (or study science further, obviously!).

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