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KEGS Chelmsford, is it really that good?

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michaelad Tue 20-Mar-07 12:42:27

We have two young sons and moved the Chelmsford area a few years ago. The boys are still very young but it appears that nowadays you can't start thinking about schools early enough. Does anyone have any experience with KEGS in Chelmsford?

michaelad Wed 21-Mar-07 14:33:25


michaelad Wed 21-Mar-07 20:34:10


runnervt Wed 21-Mar-07 20:38:54

My dh went there and really liked it. He was only in the sixth form though and it was more than ten years ago now so maybe not hugely relevant to your situation!

KathyMCMLXXII Wed 21-Mar-07 20:41:20

I went to the girls' school down the road but I never had a KEGS boyfriend!

michaelad Thu 22-Mar-07 09:42:07

Thanks for your comments anyway! I'll just keep bumping it until I find someone

michaelad Thu 22-Mar-07 16:33:15


michaelad Thu 22-Mar-07 19:54:04


michaelad Fri 23-Mar-07 09:32:54


Tyakit Fri 23-Mar-07 10:01:58

DH has work colleagues with boys at KEGS - will ask him later to get some feedback.

michaelad Fri 23-Mar-07 10:34:08

Oh excellent! Thanks very much! I thought I was never going to find someone.

Millarkie Fri 23-Mar-07 10:37:01

My brother went there many years ago - loved it, got great exam results etc. Not much help to you since it was so long ago but BUMP.

michaelad Fri 23-Mar-07 10:41:43

much appreciated anyway! There more general info I can get (even if it's dated), the better..

KathyMCMLXXII Fri 23-Mar-07 15:43:52

Well my school appointed a very glamorous headmistress and she ended up shagging the KEGS headmaster who had to leave his wife.
Hope that helps.

michaelad Sat 24-Mar-07 12:08:31

LOL, you never know, might be useful one day!

Tyakit Sat 24-Mar-07 13:47:51

Hi, I asked DH and he said that his colleague had 2 boys at KEGS that have now left and gone onto Uni. Family and boys all loved the school and boys did very well academically, achieving good grades and getting the Uni places they wanted. Their view was that it is a very academically focused school and mindful of its reputation, i.e. they won't put students in for exams that they aren't going to pass. Hope this is helpful .

michaelad Sat 24-Mar-07 15:12:26

Yes Tyakit, sounds like a rather nice school indeed. Let's just see whether my boys show any potential to go to a grammar school when the time comes. Would not want them to sit the 11+ , just about scrape in and be very miserable for their entire time there.

Tyakit Sat 24-Mar-07 19:13:52

We have the same idea with DD and Chelmsford County High for Girls. She is attending a private pre-prep now and will start reception there in Sept. We are hoping that she may get into CCHG later but at this stage who knows!

JellypopPerkyJean Sat 24-Mar-07 19:21:05

I used to know quite a few ex-KEGS boys and they were all well-educated, charming, creative and talented. A bunch of right smartarses, in fact

They were all very fond of their school, iirc. We are talking 15+ years ago but I honestly can't believe the school or its pupils will have changed that much.

michaelad Sun 25-Mar-07 21:32:18


nally Sun 25-Mar-07 21:43:14

KEGS is a mixed-sex school now, isn't it?

nally Sun 25-Mar-07 21:44:16

How young are your kids? Maybe I should be thinking about mine.. dd1 is 5 and ds is almost 4. they both go to school in newlands spring.

Tyakit Sun 25-Mar-07 22:04:38

I think it is only the 6th form that is mixed sex.

nally Sun 25-Mar-07 22:07:27

oh ok.

nally Sun 25-Mar-07 22:08:25

how many chelmsford people are there on here do you think?

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