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A level Core Maths

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CrazedZombie Mon 12-Jun-17 22:07:22

Ds is in y11 and hopefully starting A-levels in September.

He wants to study Physics, Chemistry and Biology and has no idea about possible degrees.

He is predicted A in physics and A* in Chemistry and Biology.

I suggested that he add AQA Core Maths (level 3) so that his maths skills are strong enough for university. (With 3 science A-levels and a hatred for writing essays, a science degree is very likely) Is it a rigorous enough qualification for a science degree? Is Maths AS better for him?

CrazedZombie Mon 12-Jun-17 22:07:54

It's not A level Core Maths it's called Level 3 Core Maths.

noblegiraffe Mon 12-Jun-17 22:15:02

At my school if you want to take a science A-level you have to take Core Maths. We run it as a two year course on a couple of hours a week so it would be far less intense than taking AS maths.

You might want to talk to the Physics department about taking Physics A-level without A-level maths. I know it's considered tough but I don't know how much maths content the new A-level has compared to the old one.

Not sure about degree requirements.

CrazedZombie Tue 13-Jun-17 15:25:16

Ds is the only one who's spoken to Head of Sixth Form about his choices so I have no
Idea if they've explained Core Maths to him.

I guess it will depend on his results. He got a very low score on his Physics coursework so not sure he'll get the A to be honest.

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