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Late application/In year admission help please

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SENadmissionhelp Wed 31-May-17 12:07:12

Ds has been asked to leave his independent school at the end of term. We were strongly advised to voluntary withdraw him in return for a waiver of fees or he would be at risk of exclusion. He has an asd but we only got a diagnoses a year ago and he has been on a waiting list for Autism Outreach who were due to finally come into school next month but now they see no point. He is in year 8.

Our catchment school is awful, seriously awful. Its been in Special Measures or Requires Improvement since 2013, the main reason being that although pupils enter with average ability they fail to make progress and leave with below average results. The entire Academy Trust is being investigated (6 out of 7 trust schools are currently in SM or RI). Three years ago not one single child applied to stay on at 6th form so the 6th form had to close. This year out of a PAN of 150 34 children applied for places. It is a faith school. Our next nearest school is not bad and probably on the up but it is also a faith school and faith is very important to the ethos of the school. I mention this because ds is atheist and is quite obsessive about it. He would refuse to wear the uniform of both schools which incorporates a cross for example.

There is an outstanding school in the next county but it is very large and he doesn't do well in environments with lots of people. its very very oversubscribed. They won't even let us look round. Its a shame as he knows the school (he does sports training there and knows several children there)

So I'm left with two options one of which is a comp in another adjoining county but in Traditionally has a less affluent intake and children with below average ability on entry but its progress 8 score is excellent. It offers the language he has been studying for the past two years and offers drama which is important to him. (Drama is the main reason he's lasted as long as he has so far) The only problem is that if he went there he would go back to the bottom of the waiting list for that county SEN services whereas Autism Outreach say if he stays within county he will be an immediate take up by them in his new school. That leaves a school in an area with the middle school system. It means that ds would start in Year 9 along with everyone else which may be better than an in year admission. They don't offer GCSE drama but have a strong music department and good school productions. Its been recommended by a couple of older kids from the youth theatre group he belongs to.

SO if you havn't given up on me so far I'm filling in a late application for school 2 and in year admission for school 1. Is it worth me writing all this in the reasons for preference box or do I save htat for if we have to go to appeal. For example for school 2 I have written

"My son has been asked to leave his current school on a voluntary basis at the end of this school year following behavioural incidents relating to his autistic spectrum disorder. The majority of these have stemmed from teasing and a lack of understanding from other pupils. His current school have stated that they are not able to support his needs and that he is at risk of exclusion. Following a long wait for a diagnoses my son has been on the waiting list for Autism Outreach to go into school to work with him since last October. AO were due to make the first visit on X June, but have advised that they will no longer do so due to his leaving that school but if he transfers to another my county school he will be an immediate take up by their service. Due to the nature of his condition and obsessions a faith school would not be an appropriate environment for him & if he were attend a next county school he would not receive the support from AO that he needs. The SEND and behavioural policies at School 2 specifically address the issues he has been experiencing. He is highly motivated by participation in the performing arts which is strong at School 2 and this has a positive impact on the rest of his education. He is also very resistant to change, having been at his current school since nursery and we feel that starting a school where the entire cohort begins at Year 9 will ease the transition rather than being an in year admission into an already established year group. I have attached copies of his Clinical Phycologist and CAMHS reports"

But is it pointless putting all that down?

PatriciaHolm Wed 31-May-17 13:30:28

For the late application,is there a social/medical reasons criteria in the admissions criteria? If so then I would apply under that using the information above. If there is no such criteria, the information won't be taken into consideration I'm afraid.

With regards to an in year application, if there is a space, you must be given it. If the school is full you will be placed on the waiting list using the admissions criteria (so the above would apply here too). You can also appeal.

Schroedingerscatagain Wed 31-May-17 17:10:03

Hi Senadmission

I really feel your pain as I had to remove a similar child In year 8 who was suicidal due to inability to cope

As his mum where and how do you think he will fit best? If you genuinely think starting year 9 with a fresh cohort will be his best fit then I would hold out for that

Drama can always be studied around school but if that school is the likely best fit I would aim for that

You can add any of his diagnosies to the application but in truth they will more likely come into play if you have to go to appeal for a place

Just to reassure you if I can, a good move can be fantastic for rebuilding a child, DD moved 2 years ago and is a changed person but we did a lot of ground work preparing and placing her

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