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Acton High School

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user1495797583 Fri 26-May-17 13:03:09

My daughter is due to start Acton High in September. It was our last (sixth) choice school and so we have been feeling pretty wobbly anyway. It would probably have been allocated to us as a no choice offer if we didn't list it. I had been trying to convince myself that the bad publicity is down to some middle class pearl clutching but I have just seen a copy of their OFSTED report that was published this week - following an inspection in February. It is awful - Inadequate in all areas.
My daughter is already on waiting lists for other schools but I am not hopeful.
I'm not really sure why I am posting. Perhaps to hear some positive stories about the school?

SenseiWoo Fri 26-May-17 13:17:03

Well, a young relative of mine is there and happy. She is very bright and is being challenged, with some enthusiastic and supportive teachers. Her friends have all settled in well too.

moira123io Sun 02-Jul-17 02:06:00

I've worked at Acton on and off for two years. I'm not going to lie, it's by no means a good school, and the behaviour is often abhorrent. Most of the kids are lovely, but there's always the few in each class that will cause distractions to learning. My advice would be to request your daughter be moved to a higher ability class, if possible, because these classes have substantially less issues. Given the recent OFSTED report, the school is currently undertaking a complete re-haul of their disciplinary system, so things may be looking up by September.

DaisyTurtle Sun 02-Jul-17 14:56:54

I'd do all I could to move schools. Spaces will come up in other schools as there is so much movement around there despite schools initially being oversubscribed. Put her on as many waiting lists as possible. Even if no place comes up until mid term, you will know pretty quickly in sept if she is OK there or it is totally not right.
As OP says lots of lovely kids but things are ruined by very disruptive pupils and I'd be worried about the environment. I know it was a one-off but there was a stabbing outside the school last year.
They have plans in place for Sept to change things but it isn't going to be an overnight miracle - it'll take time. This is your DDs education.

Sandyplains Mon 03-Jul-17 14:40:25

Many, many thanks for the replies and suggestions. We are now number two on the waiting list at our second choice school. Fingers crossed!

minesawine Mon 03-Jul-17 18:19:39

My niece and nephew both went. He left last year. They loved it there but I think that was because they were able to do whatever they wanted. Discipline was not great. I did hear some horror stories from parents. A lot of low level disruption that was not dealt with, particularly in the lower sets. I would not let my kids go there but with their poor Ofsted there will be lots of interventions in place. Check out reports on Northolt High, it was very similar to Action High and now things are going really well.

NotReallyButReally Mon 03-Jul-17 20:25:17

Check out Villiers in Southall. I know it well. New head coming in Sept, it's definitely worth a look, at least as a backup. It does NOT have the "edge" that you sometimes hear Acton High has.

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