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Going to miss Maths GCSE

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Iloveangel Thu 25-May-17 02:44:37

Help.... Daughter admitted to hospital last going to miss Maths gcse tomorrow and English Lit on Friday. What can I do??? Obviously top priority is for her to get better but she is devastated.

voobylooby Thu 25-May-17 02:47:08

School will be able to contact exam board and they will sort something. Please don't worry. Let school know in the morning if you're up to making the call and they'll take it from there. Hope she has a Speedy recovery.

mylaptopismylapdog Thu 25-May-17 04:44:25

Poor girl,hope she gets better soon. I am sure that vooby is right this must have happened to many students over the years and there will be a way to sort it. It is a horrible situation for both of you to cope with though as she ha s prepared and you both just wish everything had gone to plan. Be kind to yourself and concentrate on her and you'll get through it.

Iloveangel Thu 25-May-17 06:06:29

Thank you..... I am now waiting in hospital for her to wake up, and also waiting to be able to phone the school. I feel it's going to be a long day!!!

peukpokicuzo Thu 25-May-17 06:18:19

How poorly is she? I've known people be admitted to hospital who feel reasonably OK once they have had their initial treatment but then need to stay in for observation for a while. If that's the case with your dd the school may be able to scramble logistics to allow dd to sit some papers in hospital. She would have to be able to start the exam before pupils sitting the exam in schools have been let out.

However if this can't happen don't stress about it. Your dd's health comes first, always. The exams can be sat next year.

hesterton Thu 25-May-17 06:20:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hesterton Thu 25-May-17 06:20:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Iloveangel Thu 25-May-17 07:13:13

Hi all..... It's all looking very unlikely the exam will happen in whatever form as theyxarevlookingcat having to operate on her hand today😢😢. She has a possible infection in her fingers that needs attention today.
It's not her writing hand but they are adamant they do not want her leaving the hospital today😢

tiggytape Thu 25-May-17 07:22:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

UrsulaPandress Thu 25-May-17 07:24:33

Good grief your poor dd.

I am sure there are provisions in place for such eventualities.

SilverGiraffe7 Thu 25-May-17 07:31:54

Just in case, don't let your DD have access to the internet at all, or speak to anyone from school. If she goes online once the exam happens she won't be able to do it as I believe you have to declare that she has had no contact with anyone / internet access. That's how it works with SATs and I can't see them allowing a deferred exam if she's been online at all.

noblegiraffe Thu 25-May-17 07:33:06

It's fine. There are two other maths papers and as she missed this one due to a medical emergency, they can use the other two papers to form her grade.

Iamastonished Thu 25-May-17 20:14:30

flowers for both of you. I hope she makes a speedy recovery, and that the school can sort something out.

Iloveangel Thu 25-May-17 20:17:16

Thanks all ....... What a tough day!!!

Noble giraffe thank you... You are correct. Special consideration will be given for Maths, English and the biology taken yesterday.

Still in hospital now but will hopefully be recovered and ready to go again after half term!!!

noblegiraffe Thu 25-May-17 22:31:06

What bad timing! It's so disappointing to miss exams when students have worked so hard for them but luckily there are procedures in place. We had a student miss maths today too because they were ill.

Hope she gets well soon.

voobylooby Fri 26-May-17 11:51:54

Glad to hear she is on the mend.

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