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11+ 2018 entry south London/ surrey Girls' independent schools applicants

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Puddinglane12 Fri 19-May-17 16:08:39

Hello all, nervously starting this new thread. Been reading threads from previous years. We are applying to JAGS and 2 surrey independents. One GDST and a co-ed school.

I wonder if anyone knows what proportion of girls that do the JAGS pre-test get called back for the actual exams.

Also how competitive is the sports scholarship? DD does rounders, gymnastics, netball, gymnastics, athletics and hockey in school. She has a natural flare for sports, we don't push her at all.

Puddinglane12 Fri 19-May-17 16:10:54

I know the sports scholarship will be relative, but just wonder what the general views are.

herewegoagain2017 Fri 19-May-17 16:18:37

DD sat the pre test last October. She and all the girls we know were called back for the exam in January. I wouldn't worry about the pre test, I think most pass, it is only there to eliminate the complete outliers.

I don't know about the sports scholarships but I know about music scholarships and I can tell you they are very competitive!
DD was offered a place after the January exam but no scholarship (she got offered one by another school).

lilybookins Fri 19-May-17 16:19:47

Hello - I wondered the same when my daughter did it last year. I had no idea but in my head I guessed that maybe about 10% wouldn't make it through. But a friend recently told me that she'd 'heard' it was a lot higher than that (I neglected to ask her where her info was from so it could be total bollocks) I do know that of the five or so girls that I knew who did take the pre-selection test, all were called back to do the exam. I wonder if the school might tell you because last year was the first year they did the pre-selection test?

Puddinglane12 Fri 19-May-17 18:07:00

Thank you, I just wondered as we put our application in. I might ask the school as well.
Did any of your DD end up in JAGS? What is it like?
Did they do the taster days as well?

Puddinglane12 Fri 19-May-17 18:08:39

Can I also ask if your DDs were in state or independent primary schools?

AveEldon Fri 19-May-17 19:55:22

We will probably be doing 3 independents and then 2 state school exams. Not sure which ones yet

AnotherNewt Fri 19-May-17 20:00:54

The JAGs pretest is so new it's hard to know how many will get weeded out at that stage.

(I think, but don't actually know, that that pass the number that they can accommodate for the actual exam, and though there is an excess, it is not large at present).

Standards are high for a sports scholarship, but IIRC, they do consider all rounders.

herewegoagain2017 Fri 19-May-17 20:16:53

Puddinglane: my DD was in a very average (at best) state primary. She attended a sports taster day and absolutely loved it!
"She" did not chose JAGS in the end as got offered "her" 1st choice. As you can see it was really her decision....

Puddinglane12 Fri 19-May-17 21:09:32

herewego... well done to your DD, fair enough to let them choose, they've done the hard work. I would do same with DD, if/when we are blessed enough to have a choice.

AnotherNewt, I know what you mean. I guess, it will take a few years for a trend to be obvious. I wonder how many apply compared to how many places they have. Presumably, most girls from JAPs will move up ( do they have to sit the exams too? Or is it 'automatic'?).

We will do 3 independents too ( hopefully, enough to get a good place), and possibly 2 state. We've applied to one state, not quite decided on the 2nd, if we do one. We know a fair bit about the other 2 independents, it's just this new JAGs pre-test that we obviously don't know much about.

Don't want to overwhelm her with too many exams, I figured the states are early and she will have a little break before the independents, so shouldn't be too onerous, I hope.

KingscoteStaff Sat 20-May-17 06:20:39

DD is Yr 8 at JAGS.
In her year, the girls who got sports scholarships were already competing at a high level (club/county/regional), but I don't think that was why they were picked, just a sign of their standard.

DD was A team in every sport at her junior school and County level at one (relatively) unusual sport, and she was not offered a scholarship.

She (and we) loves the school and is doing really well. Good luck!

AnotherNewt Sat 20-May-17 07:29:27

"Presumably, most girls from JAPs will move up ( do they have to sit the exams too? Or is it 'automatic'?)."

In practice yes, all those at JAPS will move up if they want to (a few will board, some might go to Alleyns because they want coed - and a few move vice versa) but it's not automatically guaranteed. They still have to pass the exam. But the prep makes sure they can. Because it's taking clever girls in the first place, teaching them well and knowing exactly what is needed by the senior school.

They will however counsel parents of any girls they thing might not make the grade to make other applications too.

lilybookins Sat 20-May-17 08:05:56

@puddinglane - yes, my daughter is at a state school. She has a place at JAGs, begins this sept. She had other offers but she had always wanted JAGs and so did I. Didn't put her in for any scholarships (we were bursary applicants anyway) but from what I've heard the competition is fierce, especially the music one.

Puddinglane12 Sat 20-May-17 11:17:40

Thank you all for your responses. Really appreciate them.

Nice to 'hear' good reports about the school. We have a little while yet, at the moment, just working hard on bond books and the likes of it.

Lilybookins wishing your DD all the best in her new school from September. I bet she is excited and can't wait to start.

Puddinglane12 Sun 20-Aug-17 16:11:52

Hello again. Anyone got dates for the pre-selection test for JAGs yet?

chameleon71 Mon 21-Aug-17 11:33:23

all the girls from dd's school who sat the pre-test got called back for the main exam so am not really clear what purpose it served?

dd went to the sport scholarship day and had a great time. she's an all rounder and they noted her netball skills on the offer letter but no scholarship.

FWIW the sports scholarship day was a couple of weeks after the exam and all the girls from dd's school who were called to attend the scholarship day went on to get an offer - it certainly took some of the nerves out of the process for me!

The general offer rate for JAGS was pretty high among DD's cohort. Out of a dozen or so girls, I'm not aware that any of them were turned down. Perhaps it's not as difficult to get into as it used to be?

Puddinglane12 Fri 01-Sep-17 09:16:20

That's interesting chameleon. Is your DD's primary state or independent? I guess it all also depends on the abilities in any year group.

Is it a known feeder into JAGs?

From information sent to us this year the sports scholarship assessment is between the preselection test and the actual entrance exam.

Will your DD be joining JAGs or did you decide on somewhere else?

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