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Grammar school appeal

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Pagmol Mon 15-May-17 18:21:38

My daughter is in year 12. She's been struggling with one of her subjects, Law, and has recently made the momentous decision to not sit her AS level. The school wanted her to leave immediately but after pressure from myself and her other subject teachers she is being allowed to sit her other 2 AS levels.
The school do not want her to return next year as she will only be taking 2 A levels nor will they let her resit the year taking a different subject.
Do we have any grounds for appeal?

SoulAccount Tue 16-May-17 17:14:03

This seems very harsh shock

Was there anything in the prospectus or agreement when she started about conditions for staying on after AS?

I have no experience in this, but might it be that she is actually happier / better supported in a different sixth form?

If you don't get more informed replies , I would suggest starting a thread with a title that makes it clearer that this is about sixth. Most appeals threads at the moment are for Yr 7 places.

Maybe 'Grammar wants to stop Dd at Yr 12, help please '

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