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Spelling issues - dyslexia?

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sheepskinshrug Sat 13-May-17 12:47:12

Dd, Year 9 has completed some kind of writing test at school, I think it's the one that determines whether she needs extra time in her exams.

I have no idea what the school's concerns are. No one has mentioned anything before. She's reasonably good in every subject. The only thing I can think of is her spelling - which can be pretty bad, even for quite simple words. Spelling tests at primary always got excellent 10/10 results but in her written work spelling always seemed to be a struggle.
She reads books for pleasure but she chooses simpler books and takes her the to get through them.

I have sent an email to the school, asking for more information regarding the concerns that prompted them to test her but I'm left with a niggle about the spelling and I'm wondering whether I should be getting her tested regardless of what the school's concerns were. I guess I just don't want her to struggle in an area where she might be able to get some help in some way.

beautifulgirls Sat 13-May-17 20:12:32

DD has a reading age above her actual age but her writing is appalling, spelling all over the place and poor use of punctuation etc. She was diagnosed with dyslexia last year and now has more support in school. We had to find someone privately to get her assessment done but it was worth it and highlighted a few things I had not been aware of too. I was amazed how much they look at in these assessments.

fourcorneredcircle Sat 13-May-17 23:32:07

Could just be a very proactive school... we test ALL year nines.
They all do a spelling test and a handwriting test as part of their Y9 end of year exam timetable. Doesn't mean they all get extra time but it's an efficient way to make sure no one slips through the cracks. Anyone who comes up low is then filtered in to the reading and processing tests as appropriate.
Any students that are on the LS register are also assessed for reading and processing as standard.

sheepskinshrug Sun 14-May-17 08:27:46

Don't think it's the school being proactive as is was only a small selection called forward. If she is dyslexic, she's either mild or has been very good at developing coping strategies but just recently she's been off her game and I wo under whether her coping strategies are as effective any more. She's not as committed to her revision - barely at all actually, poorer concentration levels etc. I had put that down to being nearly 14, and crossed my fingers it was a blip. I don't know why, if the school had concerns, they didn't share them with me - everything was glowing, even if she passed the test, I still feel the concern should be shared. Hopefully I will get a response tomorrow.

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