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City of London Girls Extra curricular programme

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deinell Fri 12-May-17 10:06:59

Are there any current or recent CLSG parent who can kindly help us?
We are considering CLSG for our DD. We have the possibility of a grammar school but we would like our DD to experience the breadth of the curriculum offered by the independent schools. She enjoys all the sports and the drama. My question are:
1. Despite its location and lack of green spaces would she have lots of opportunities to take part in different sports, attend sports fixtures, etc..
2. How good is the drama provision?
3. As many girls live very far away from the school how well attended is their extra curricular programme?
4. Is City basically an academic school or is it a well rounded school which encourages the girls to take part in as may extra curricular activities as possible.
Many thanks in advance to anyone who replies.

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