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deaderthandisco Wed 10-May-17 20:15:39

Anyone got any experience of them?

Got a quote from Tutor Doctor. They want the best part of £900 for 24 hours worth of tutoring. This was just a little more than we were expecting!

Also...I can't find really find any independent reviews of them online. If they are worth it that's one thing but that's a lot of money if they aren't up to scratch!

nicp123 Fri 12-May-17 09:11:23

Personally I wouldn't go anywhere those asking for money upfront for tutoring. Try and find a school teacher who is up-to-date with the new curriculum and won't force up on your child a strict number of hours of tutoring.
The quote you received is on a fixed 24hrs contract: 24hrs X 1 hour per week, take away half-term holidays, bank holidays, etc and your child will be tutored the entire academic year! Is this what your child really need?

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