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Learning French when your English is shaky

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TeenAndTween Wed 10-May-17 11:36:17

I'm going to start this by saying I think learning MFLs are beneficial and should be encouraged. My DD1 did 2 MFLs at GCSE.

However my DD2, y7, is massively struggling with French. Her primary French teaching was not up to much, but after 2 terms of French at school she still seems clueless. I don't think she 'gets' it at all.

The thing is, her English is poor. Her reading is OK, but her spelling, punctuation and grammar are weak. Her speech is also not fluent and immature.

I do try to help the French, but it doesn't seem to go in, and to be honest I think help at home is better targeted at English & Maths.

So, any suggestions as to what to do with the French / how to help it, (I think she will have to continue up to the end of y9)?

irvineoneohone Wed 10-May-17 12:18:16

Let her work on Duolingo or Memrise, etc. for 5 minutes everyday?
I am a firm believer of doing a little a day does make huge difference in the long run.

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