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Boy clothes for Prom party

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Autumnsky Tue 25-Apr-17 10:23:36

Anyone has already bought clothes for Prom party? What do boys normally wear and where to buy it from? Thanks!

Autumnsky Tue 25-Apr-17 10:56:30

Anyone have bought these for their son? I know DS's girl classmates have all bought theirs in Feburary, boys don't even talk about it. But the party is only a couple of months away.

MaidenMotherCrone Tue 25-Apr-17 11:29:53

When DS had his prom I bought him a suit. I thought I was being super organised by buying it about 6-8 weeks early. It fitted perfectly, he looked so lovely. Day of the prom he put it on and he'd only gone and grown about 2 inches!

The trousers were half mast and the jacket sleeves were no where near his wrists.

I'd wait until the week before if I were you.

Autumnsky Tue 25-Apr-17 11:40:36

Thank you!MaidenMotherCrone . I will wait a few more weeks then. I guess it is not as important as girls dress , just a nice suit will do then.

stonecircle Tue 25-Apr-17 11:43:58

Next do lots of prom suits. But you might want to consider whether your DS will get any more wear out of it - before he changes shape again!

We hired ds1's prom suit from Moss (but get in early as they run out quite quickly). Glad we didn't buy him one as he has never needed one since.

DS2 got his from Next and did get to wear it again at a rugby dinner.

Autumnsky Tue 25-Apr-17 12:14:16

Next is good, I like it too. I will have a look there. I am now thinking a nice suit that he can use it for future interview etc.

acornsandnuts Tue 25-Apr-17 12:17:34

I assume he's a teenager 16? Or 18?

Ask him what he wants?

I can see his future wife on MN complaining about her DH unable to shop for himself

Autumnsky Tue 25-Apr-17 12:41:56

acornsandnuts, I see you point, I just want to have the knowledge first, as I am not sure if there is anything special with the Prom clothes.
DS1 is 16, unfortunately, he doesn't like shopping much and is not interested in clothes either. We do go shopping together if it is for his clothes, and he choose himself.But he spends minimum time in doing this. As for Prom clothes, I asked, he doesn't have much idea, as none of his friends have started to think about it.

Allthebestnamesareused Tue 25-Apr-17 12:44:04

I got my son some black trousers from Primark sale for £5 and a dinner jacket on ebay for £4.99. He used his white school shirt and got a tie to match his date's dress (also on ebay)!

It seemed pointless to buy a full dinner suit for a 16 year old who was still growing. He can have one if he goes to uni and its the type of uni that has lots of formals (like his brother's).

2014newme Tue 25-Apr-17 12:46:33

Pp has the right idea. It's pointless to buy a suit from next to wear once. Is he,really going to have a lot of job interviews which he would wear a dinner suit to 😂 age 16

Autumnsky Tue 25-Apr-17 13:04:31

OK, it looks like I am more excited than DS1 about this party clothes thing. Maybe I should dig up DH's ealier suits which he can no longer wear?

Autumnsky Tue 25-Apr-17 13:08:50

I guess that's part of the fun for girls then. DS1 did mention all the girls had bought their dresses in Feburary and talked about it a lot. Once he overhead one girl said she had to wear the same clothes twice for non uniform day, DS1 told me he had wore his same jumper to the non uniform days for 2 years.

Leeds2 Tue 25-Apr-17 14:13:38

Could you loopback on the school's website for any pictures of last year's Prom-goers? Might give you a clearer idea of what the boys were wearing. I would also check whether they were wearing dinner suits, or ordinary suits.

Autumnsky Tue 25-Apr-17 14:21:00

Thanks! Leeds2, that's a good idea.

CrazedZombie Tue 25-Apr-17 14:34:51

I haven't got anything for ds yet.

In American shows, boys co-ordinate with their date and wear a corsage. Is this expected at a state school year 11 prom?

BackforGood Tue 25-Apr-17 20:44:59

No, Crazed
ds and all his friends just had an ordinary suit.
I think most parents hoped they would go on to be able to wear them for a couple of years (probably even more so, now lots of 6th forms have started asking them to wear suits in the 6th form). However, at 15 / 16 almost all boys are growing, so, in general, they will have outgrown their suit in about 6 weeks!
My tips are don't buy too early, and don't spend too much on it.
We got ds's from Matalan, and, luckily enough went to a wedding about 2 weeks after his prom, so he got 2 wears out of it before he shot up again.

TheSecondOfHerName Tue 25-Apr-17 21:22:44

DH took DS1 shopping the weekend before the Y11 prom. Bought a suit in BHS's closing down sale. His sixth form uniform is suit & tie, so he has got plenty of wear out of it.

MaidenMotherCrone Tue 25-Apr-17 21:30:39


They do really good prom suits, slim fit, skinny etc. Start at £59.

DS's was really lovely. For that price who cares if it's only worn once.

CrazedZombie Tue 25-Apr-17 21:35:17

Thanks for all the advice. There's a date for the prom but ds hasn't mentioned anything. I suspect that when dd goes in 2 years time, things will be very different!

Decorhate Wed 26-Apr-17 07:03:36

I assumed ds would need a normal suit (which could then be worn for 6th form). But no, it's black tie. Totally pointless imo. The venue is not posh enough to warrant that.

picklemepopcorn Wed 26-Apr-17 07:32:36

Some of DS's friends had a full on proper stylish suit bought for them. We didn't- we hope he'll grow, as he's only 5'7.
We re-trimmed his dad's navy blazer (swapped brass buttons for pewter), and got shirt tie and trousers from Matalan. The shirt, tie, trousers have had plenty of outings since, which a suit would not have.

Suki2 Wed 26-Apr-17 14:12:15

DS2 has his prom coming up early June. I've bought him black trousers and blazer from Marks and Spencers; didn't seem too expensive and it looks great. He already has a white shirt. DS3 can wear it when the time comes as well.
At DS2's school not everyone wears a suit but i know he'll want to; it's not often he gets a chance to dress up.

cantkeepawayforever Wed 26-Apr-17 18:44:46

As the owner of a Y11 DS with outlandish proportions (6'2", endless legs and arms, no torso to speak of and stick-insect thin) I can recommend Slaters...

We were lucky enough to have one we could go to in person, and an elderly gentleman shop assistant took us in hand, rustling up from the thousands of suits on display a perfectly decent suit, really very cheap, in a CHOICE OF COLOURS and which fitted. They also do free alterations if more than a belt is needed to keep the trousers up....

DS is a musician, so does have a need for formal clothes for concerts. He ended up with a black suit with waistcoat that he can wear in various different combinations for classical and jazz gigs as well as for the prom.

Ingles2 Wed 26-Apr-17 18:49:28

we've just bought Ds2's prom suit from Primark. Grey, super skinny, looks age appropriate, £40...

AndNoneForGretchenWieners Wed 26-Apr-17 18:53:28

DS got his suit from Matalan the week before prom because he was going through a growth spurt, a Ralph Lauren shirt and French Connection from TK Maxx. He now wears it for sixth form.

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