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Berkhamsted School

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winkywinkola Tue 25-Apr-17 09:34:19

I'm thinking of moving my soon to be year 6 dd, year 3 ds and reception ds from their current school.

I'm going to visit Berkhamsted School but would love to hear any insights.

bojorojo Tue 25-Apr-17 11:31:53

Do you want to post this in Primary as well?

My neighbours have had children go through this school. In Bucks it tends to attract the non grammar school child so results are not stellar. However, the breadth of education is good and my neightbours were very happy with it. Their children are sporty though and it really suited them. This is a few years ago now so others may have up to date info.

Zodlebud Tue 25-Apr-17 13:28:34

It's a bit of a marmite school, although I must admit I liked the girls secondary school much more than the prep.

The pros - gets great results bearing in mind that a lot of children in the area who are very clever tend to go to the grammar schools nearby or the St Albans Schools. Huge array of extra curricular activities available, excellent facilities and great wrap around care and bus system. Excellent reputation for sport. 99% of children go right the way through school and only leave at 18. I live in the town and have many friends who send their children there and are extremely happy.

The cons. The £££££££s. It's very expensive and fees go up in stages. The uniform list is enormous and just as pricey. Everything is an extra and the trips are numerous and chargeable. Any hint of SEN and you are generally asked to leave, even at random points. Very competitive and results focussed - competitive parenting is rife and not very pleasant (although you can choose to stay out of it!!!). On open day the music and drama was almost non existent in terms of something to see, although they do seem to do a fair bit.

We chose another local prep instead but it's just down to gut reaction. You find if you like Berkhamsted then you don't like our school and vice versa. If you like a sort of London feel then it could well be the place for you.

bojorojo Tue 25-Apr-17 17:08:39

The fees for Y7-8 are ok. £1500 a term more for day pupils where my DDs went in Hertfordshire. I would also consider if all three will stay there until 18 or whether you may want somewhere else at 11 or 13 for your younger ones or even your y6 DD. If you do, then other preps will prepare them better.

winkywinkola Wed 26-Apr-17 07:43:27

Which other preps?

Zodlebud Wed 26-Apr-17 11:39:00

Co-ed preps in the area are Beechwood Park, Chesham Prep, Westbrook Hay and York House.

All girls are St Albans Girls, Abbots Hill and Hetherton House (which is part of Berkhamsted and feeds into it).

All boys are Lockers Park, St Columba's, Aldwickbury and The Beacon.

Zodlebud Wed 26-Apr-17 11:42:03

Sorry, should add that St Alban's, Abbots Hill and St Columba's children tend to move up into the secondary school so less emphasis on 11 / 13+ prep.

The Beacon and Heatherton House are practically next to each other just on the outskirts of Amersham and get good results for grammar entry.

bojorojo Wed 26-Apr-17 11:53:53

If you want 13 plus entry, check out which schools do prep for CE. If you do not, then any prep is fine. I can see why Berkhamsted, and having them all in the same school, is an attractive proposition. It depends on how far you are prepared to travel too.

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