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Cranford House v Queen Anne's

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Nicecupoftea123 Sun 23-Apr-17 16:27:01

I have a place at both schools for year 7 intake for Sept this year but wondered if anyone had any personal experiences that would help me make my mind up my daughter is a good all rounder and loves sports

user1469682920 Sun 23-Apr-17 21:09:29

Hmmm, I would think both schools are quite different. I have direct experience of Cranford but have only visited Queen Anne's. My perception is QA s is bigger, more academic, striving for excellence in everything and potentially more pressured. Cranford very much a day school, more nurturing but does have some excellent teaching and gets good results from mixed intake. V small numbers in each year group which can have its benefits and drawbacks.Both great schools but quite different so I guess it depends what you want.

sarastrange Wed 14-Mar-18 21:53:18

It is rumored that Cranford House will soon fully accept boys ( instead of being predominantly girls with a sprinkling of boys). So you wont be able to make the Queen Annes / Cranford house comparison anymore.

Also, if they do make the step to fully accept boys, it will be an unstable teaching environment for a year or so.

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