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Yr11 Tassomai %

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GiraffeorOcelot Sat 22-Apr-17 12:40:32

For those who's children are using tassomai for triple science, can I ask what %age their DC are at?

DS is at 37%, using it most days and most topics are green, a couple are trailing at orange with none red for behind. I am wondering how on earth he is going to get it to 100% before the exams.

It would be interesting to know how much time kids are spending on it with their %ages too. I think DS spends an hour on average 5 days a week now although this has only been for the last ten weeks ish at a guess.

Ontopofthesunset Sat 22-Apr-17 13:33:22

I've just looked it up to see.

DS is on 95.2% which is ahead in everything. It's only just ahead - the targets for the individual subjects all range between 89% and 97% and he's only 1 or 2% ahead in them all.

Time each day varies between 10 minutes and about half an hour as sometimes loads of the topics suddenly become 'behind' between one day and the next and to get it all on track he needs to do quite a few.

Laniakea Sat 22-Apr-17 15:10:56

dd has finished - she's been doing it since September though. She's just doing the complete module tests for the 9 units now.

(she finished about a month ago - spending 30 mins a day on triple science & maths)

GiraffeorOcelot Sat 22-Apr-17 15:23:22

Thank you for your replies. Sadly they reiterate my worries.
P1, C1 and B1 are at about 45-50% but some of the others are down near 25%.

School didn't really say much about it until about February though and he has been keeping it mostly green so we assumed he was on track. Naively clearly 😕

portico Sat 22-Apr-17 16:53:56

I have just reviewed what little promo stuff I could find on the tassomai website.

My question to those who have used it is, is it any good. Has boosted test performance?

GiraffeorOcelot Sat 22-Apr-17 19:23:07

Portico I think it is really good and a lot more accessible for those like DS who are not natural revisers and note takers.

It is multiple choice and good at reinforcing facts. It also re-presents the areas they didn't do well on so it does tailor to each child. It is not useful however in terms of examnpractice for multiple mark questions as it is multiple choice but it does instill the knowledge.

School pays for all yr11s to have access. I wish as a parent I knew about it earlier so we could be more ahead of the game and could have instilled using it earlier in the year.

i think it is expensive as a parent to subscribe individually but there is a moneyback guarantee for individual purchasers that if your DC completes the course but doesn't get an A you get your money back.

OhYouBadBadKitten Sun 23-Apr-17 19:50:18

dd loved it, she used it after her p1/c1/b1 exams as she had run out of exam papers and was so bored of revising science. She completed the entire course between those exams and the next ones in her usual slightly rather over intensive way. To answer the did it help her marks, hard to know, she did very well.
I think if you have an obsessive gaming child then it's really good. She bemoans the fact they don't have a level physics revision yet.

Icouldbeknitting Sun 23-Apr-17 20:57:14

Ds used it last year, mostly in the car. I think he falls under the heading of "not a natural reviser" and it meant that the dead time in the car was turned into effective revision adding up to several hours a week that he otherwise wouldn't have done. From memory he covered about 80% before the exams hit.

We also had it free from school.

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