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Priestnall School Stockport

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user1492589859 Wed 19-Apr-17 09:27:21


I have a DS attending a Heatons primary school. I need to find out about Priestnall as he'll be finishing in a couple of years time. I know it's a massive school and a generally good one but I'd be grateful for any additional information. I'm a bit lost really...

Thanks! smile

Lucycat Thu 20-Apr-17 19:31:06

I'd recommend attending the open evening in both year 5 and year 6 if I were you. They are heavily oversubscribed this year with 40 pupils currently in the appeals process for next September.
I have to say though, and this will probably out me, they don't celebrate success very well. My dd got 11 A* in her GCSEs last year and not one teacher really congratulated her, no mention on the school website, no press release - she thinks it was because she wasn't one of the 'cool girls' I know how utterly amazing she is..... I have dd2 in year 9 so we didn't make a fuss...

Honestly? I think they are a bit staid in their outlook but the other options aren't great in the area.


Mokok Fri 21-Apr-17 08:53:47

Thank you, that's really helpful. I'll start looking into open days etc.

11 A* in her GCSEs, wow!!!


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