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A level revision tips for someone who is out of practice?!

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MarvinKMooney Wed 12-Apr-17 11:17:57

I'm studying an A level in Classical Civilisation via distance learning (National Extension College). Always been interested in the subject and am really enjoying it so far.

So, my AS exam is looming at the end of May. I've started revising but could really do with hints / tips for success.

I'm studying Homer's Odyssey and four Greek Tragedy plays.Assessments (based on exam papers) are graded by a tutor - solid A grades so far, which I'm pretty pleased about seeing as it's a good 20 years since uni. I'm suddenly feeling a bit wobbly about it all though- the downside of learning on your own!

Bit of background: have job, 3 DCs and thought this would be an interesting thing to do now that youngest dc is a bit older. Bit of a struggle prioritizing everything at the mo, which is why I think I'm having an attack of nerves.

Any teachers / parents with yr13 children that might be able to throw any revision advice my way?? Thank you smile

TeenAndTween Wed 12-Apr-17 11:23:17

Make a timetable and try to stick to it
Mind maps / revision cards with key facts / themes / quotes
Get your DC to test you on key points from the revision cards
Practice essays / essay plans and check against mark schemes

Depending on ages of DC, don't worry about parking them in-front of the TV while you do an hour or 2s work, then 4reward them and you with a treat afterwards.

MarvinKMooney Wed 12-Apr-17 11:23:59

Sorry -meant to say. I've got the mark schemes and examiner reports from the OCR website. Very useful - nothing like that in my day! Have downloaded past papers and have made a list of all the topics / themes / characters / narrative devices etc. The Odyssey is so long - need to get the plot straight in my head.

Anything else I need to consider? (Doesn't need to be specific to Class Civ I guess - Eng Lit advice could work here!)

MarvinKMooney Wed 12-Apr-17 11:24:43

Thank you teen - cross post!

TeenAndTween Wed 12-Apr-17 11:56:50

Are the questions like English Lit, or are they more like 'what does this tell us about Greek society?' Just to make sure you are focussing on the correct details. (e.g. not character development but details of how slaves were treated or whatever). This is not my area so I'll stop there!

MarvinKMooney Wed 12-Apr-17 12:09:16

Very much like eng lit in terms of interpretation of imagery, characterisation and so on. There is some context expected in relation to Greek society but more to show an understanding of how the original audience would have received the plays. For example, the portrayal of women: need to consider the 'norms' of Ancient Greece to fully understand motivations / characters, etc, in the plays. Also how / why the plays were written and performed - the reasons behind their existence, if you like.

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