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Managing exam stress

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noblegiraffe Tue 04-Apr-17 22:44:17

Exam season is nearly upon us and I can see the stress levels rising in my students even with the holidays approaching. They've started counting the number of days left of school, the number of lessons left till the exam and so on.

This article has some useful tips on how teachers can help, that might also apply to parents

Healthy eating, getting some fresh air, exercise and having some planned breaks will be key for those who are struggling.

I like this guy on twitter, he is energetic and positive about getting your head down and doing some revision in order to achieve your goals. This video is a nice one

Rescue remedy before an exam can help, even if it is nothing more than a placebo!

Any other tips?

OhYouBadBadKitten Tue 04-Apr-17 22:59:09

Good idea for a thread. For over-revisers I think food is a good way to lure them out. Keep re-emphasing that just as athletes need a break for muscles to consolidate and repair, so do brains. And hope they listen to that.

One good tip on how much to revise is to stick to the school timetable during the holidays. That means weekends off.

Essential oils can be another good stress buster. You can get some nice roll on ones.

If they get grumpy, don't get grumpy back. Deep breath, this is a horrid time for them, see it as a sign that extra hot chocolate is needed. Or chocolate ovaltine at bed time went down well in our house!

bojorojo Wed 05-Apr-17 00:03:11

I have just watched the programme with Robert Winston and Tanya Byron about the children they have been following since birth. They have now followed them revising for exams at 16 and looked at the stress level of Het when she revised for her GCSE exams and afterwards. It peaked in exam period but was under control before and after. She had high expectations of herself but the experts were very clear that having other things to do was important and that constant revision was not good. So a timetable is good but time off is good too.

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