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Portland Place School

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steinermum Wed 07-Mar-07 19:46:03

Does anyone have opinions about Portland Place School or other co-ed independents accessible from Islington or City of London and offering 13+ entry. All info. will be gratefully and voraciously received ..

frogs Thu 08-Mar-07 18:05:22

Portland place has a reputation for taking kids who fluffed the 11+/13+ entry to the more academic schools.

Alternatively, depending on your viewpoint, it is a gentler, more humane alternative to the pushy North/Central London academic hothouses.

North Bridge House have an 11+ entry to their Senior School, which is also a route mainly taken by people who don't like the full-on academic vibe.

Horses for courses, really.

steinermum Thu 08-Mar-07 19:50:47

Thanks, that's really helpful

Jimjams2 Thu 08-Mar-07 19:56:55

i used to work for a school in the same group as Portland Place. I know of (rather than personally) the head- and understand that he's a decent sort.

steinermum Thu 08-Mar-07 20:27:10

I met him on a school tour, he seemed nice. He used to work at City of London School for Girls and said it was a very 'particular' environment
i.e. single sex, top % of brainboxes - I got the impression he was still slightly traumatised by the experience!!

summertimes Sun 17-Apr-16 23:38:06

I have a boy at Portland Place.
It's now getting a lot more difficult to get into.
It's a lovely nurturing school with small class sizes - but it's also dynamic and forward thinking. I think it's one of London's best kept secrets.

BizzyBuzz Tue 07-Jun-16 14:55:20

A while back I saw some Portland Place students out and about collecting data for a class. They seemed really happy and engaged. In the past, Portland Place had the reputation of not being selective. However, I know from speaking with friends that this is definitely changing.

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