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Torquay grammar school for girls tgsg

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StickleTick Wed 22-Mar-17 19:31:28

We are considering moving to Devon and hear that this is a great school. Our main concern tho is whether our bright but occasionally anxious, daughter will be resilient enough for the academic onslaught.
Does anyone have experience of how hard the girls feel they are being pushed at this school, and how much fun/enjoyment they get from being there. Please help us to ease our confusion,
Many tia x

admission Wed 22-Mar-17 21:24:45

You might to also consider Torquay Academy which has gone from bad to really good since it became an academy with Torquay Grammar for Boys.

2014newme Thu 23-Mar-17 10:48:12

Torquay grammar is very competitive to get into so do have some good back ups.

StickleTick Thu 23-Mar-17 12:44:01

I'm not so worried abOut whether she can get in or not, because she's passed common entrance for grammars last year, when unfortunately husbands job move fell thru. I'm mainly concerned at the mo, as to whether she'll be happy. Ie , any anecdotal views on pastoral care? Really exciting / stimulating teaching.
Thanks smile

TheUnforgiven Thu 23-Mar-17 12:55:44

Hi OP, yes, I know the school well. Very bright, high-achieving girls but with a real emphasis on extra- curriculars, especially the Arts. The girls as a whole are a good balance of happy and eager to learn. They have very high expectations, but I wouldn't consider it a 'hot house' in the way people speak about other, similar schools. There's also increasing amounts of integration with the boys' school from year 9 onwards.

If you could bear the 20 minute or so journey, I would also highly recommend looking at Churston Ferrers Grammar School. Mixed sex, but equally well balanced in my view between academics and extra curriculars, with excellent pastoral support.

StickleTick Thu 23-Mar-17 14:10:48

Thank you v much for your views. We are definitely focussing on Tggs because my OH will be working at sowton, m5, and we feel churston f might be a bit too far for him to drive. It's a shame, cos I'm originally from Cornwall, so the further west I can get, the happier. smile
When we toured tggs a while ago, our guides didn't say much about the clubs, though I've since heard there's a book club, and dd is a real bookworm. What other clubs are there (apart from duke of e, and other similar activities that look good on cvs .... We're keen on finding out about the things that happen just for fun ... or to promote a love of learning).
Also, how is the school at dealing with teenage girls' relationship issues? How could they support a girl who doesn't join with everyone else in yr 7, or perhaps is shy? Thank you so much x

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