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Moving areas in May - struggling with secondary school place for yr6 DS.

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thisgirlrides Mon 20-Mar-17 13:35:19

I say we're moving, we've not actually signed on the dotted line yet as we're still struggling to know what to do about schooling for ds1 who is in yr6. None of the local primaries have spaces for yr6 so we decided we would let him finish the school year where he is now with me staying weekdays with the dc and then driving to DH at the weekend but, stuck about getting him a secondary school place in September as allocations have recently been made and we're too late to join the appeals.

It's highly unlikely he will get a place (all oversubscribed) and even if they could, presumably we wouldn't know until September. If we just arrived & requested a place, I'm not sure what would happen - would he just be allocated nearest available school with a space but not until September & then it would most likely be miles away/not the greatest confused .
Has anyone else made a move mid way between secondary school allocations? Thankfully ds2 is ok for a place at the primary which is a feeder school for the secondary so only eldest to worry about. We've not gone down the route of independent schools but I'm wondering if this is our only options but am worried about doing too many school moves (we couldn't sustain private right through school).

Any pearls of wisdom, something I've missed? It's such a great opportunity for us financially and to be nearer DH's family but I am conscious that this is quite a critical time for ds1 and need it to be a positive move as he's already gutted about potentially leaving friends, not going to intended secondary etc.

TeenAndTween Mon 20-Mar-17 14:37:27

You need to move, then apply, include your catchment school. Even if it is 'full' then you may still get a place from the waiting list.
If they allocate you a school you don't like, accept it, and get your name down for as many waiting lists as you can.

You can still appeal, but you will have to find reasons why your preferred school is a much better fit for your child that the school should go above their numbers for him.

I can't see any point in investigating private if you wouldn't be able to sustain it. I think you'll just have to accept that he might need to start y7 in a non-ideal school and then move if and when he gets the chance.

catslife Mon 20-Mar-17 16:00:34

You need an address asap since most councils don't let you apply for schools until you have one.
In my area there is a "second round" of allocations in approx June which includes late applications.
The council may have a list of schools that still have Y7 places available for September. Just because a school is undersubscribed doesn't necessarily mean it's a "bad" school. Often many improving schools aren't that popular because of a historical reputation that's now out of date and are now fine. (The reverse could also be true for the most high performing schools too).

clerquin Mon 20-Mar-17 16:26:46

Target your first choice School. Where is your DH living at the moment? I suggest renting a house near your first choice school to maximise your chances. Use your tenancy agreement as proof of address. People do move - life happens so make the formal application once you have an address in catchment asap. We've done this twice, the first time for a reception place and then, again a few years later for a YR2 place. We got a place both times although the second one was offered literally the day before the school year commenced. Both were due to job relocations hundreds of miles apart - people move all the time, places will come up!

titchy Mon 20-Mar-17 18:39:15

Stop delaying! Move and get his name down for schools asap. Now that allocations have been made ALL unsuccessful applications are ordered in strict waiting list order, regardless of when they applied, so being a late applicant is no longer relevant.

Once you've applied for three, or however many you're allowed, and been refused any you can appeal. You can't appeal until you've been refused a place so time really is of the essence. If you miss the first round of appeals, the the schools case not to admit becomes stronger as they will probably have been directed to take more from appeals.

thisgirlrides Mon 20-Mar-17 18:48:13

Thank you all. DH can't move until new job starts mid may and assuming we go-ahead, will go up in the Easter hols to try & secure a rental property. At best we're a month off having a local address but can see now that nothing will change until then although we don't actually want to move dc until the next academic year.

If we have a rental place but ds isn't living there Monday-Friday how will that work wrt main residence claim for yr 7 place in. September confused.

The other dilemma we have is ds2: the village school currently has 2 places in his year but of course no guarantees they will if we leave it until September & will only hold it 4 weeks from application.
We are looking to rent (with a view to buying once settled) in a semi-rural village that has primary & secondary schools so it would be a real shame if one or both didn't up going there.

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