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Hockerill and Brexit

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river1 Tue 14-Mar-17 10:02:07

Hi there. I have a feeling there are a few Hockerill parents on here and I would really appreciate your views on the impact that a hard Brexit is likely to have on the school?
DD1 has just been offered a day place, which would mean that we would also be planning to send DD2 there in 3yrs time. This involves a house move for us as we are not local so it is a fairly big deal (not that choosing a school isn't anyway!). My DH is French and so the European focus and ethos of the school is really key for us.
We went and had another look round the school recently and had a meeting with the head, who was (not surprisingly) keen to play down the likely impact of a hard Brexit on the school. The potential loss of EU boarders would of course be an issue, but I am more worried about a general policy change away from the pro Europe positioning and emphasis on languages. Am I worrying unnecessarily? Thanks for any input.

hertsandessex Tue 14-Mar-17 12:56:05

Yes if anything the school seems more determined than ever to be international (it about being international rather than pro-Europe) and emphasising languages. I don't think that will change. As you say the biggest issue is loss of revenue from European boarders although maybe in the end this will be fairly limited. Most of the boarders either have one parent who is British or if both non-British live in the UK so will still be eligible. . There are some who have both parents non-British and live overseas who will probably be excluded but not that many and financially probably enough from elsewhere to take up the slack. Also I would imagine they will still be able to able to attract internationally minded bilingual teachers - perhaps even more so - although with more hoops to jump through on visas/work permits perhaps.

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