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11plus appeal Bishops.

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Betelgeuse0601 Mon 13-Mar-17 11:44:53

My son missed out on a place at Bishops by 1.5 marks!!! We are going to appeal. He is at level 5a for English and level 6 for maths. His Head teacher and form tutor are also going to write letters of support. Any other evidence I should consider? He is so close.....

sassymuffin Mon 13-Mar-17 15:33:34

Do you know if your admission authority operates a "local review" process to determine whether a child who has filed the entrance test ought to be deemed to be of grammar standard? These reviews are completed before allocation of places and does not replace the parents right of appeal.

Were there any mitigating circumstances e.g. illness or family circumstances that may of affected your sons performance on the day of his test and if so is there documentary evidence of this?

sassymuffin Mon 13-Mar-17 15:34:22

*failed not filed sorry

sassymuffin Tue 14-Mar-17 12:46:38

This link my also be useful:

PanelChair Tue 14-Mar-17 13:19:23

As others have already said, you need to use any local process for reviewing his mark.

After that, if it goes to appeal, you'll need to satisfy the panel that there are compelling reasons why he should attend the school, even though he didn't quite reach the standard needed to gain a place. Of course it is frustrating to miss out by 1.5 marks, but there are likely to be many children in that situation - that's what happens when there's a cutoff line - and you'll need to convince the panel that the prejudice (disadvantage) to your child in not attending the school outweighs the prejudice to the school in having to admit another pupil.

Betelgeuse0601 Wed 03-May-17 19:20:50

Thank you all so much for your advice, really appreciated. This is all very stressful. We are off to the appeal next week. Fingers crossed.

poisonedbypen Wed 03-May-17 19:27:48

Where is Bishops? Did you try the elevenplusexams site? It's very good for appeals help (I didn't think level 5 etc existed any more?)

Middleoftheroad Wed 03-May-17 19:34:57

Levels don't exist anymore. It's all.about working at greater depth across curriculum and scaled SATS scores of 110 or higher.

visit the eleven plys forum as there is lots of info on non qualification and oversubscription

Betelgeuse0601 Wed 10-May-17 18:52:02

Thanks again everyone.........My Son is over the moon. Our appeal was successful!! 😀😀😀

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