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Moving back from NZ with 12 year old son

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4Laurie Sat 11-Mar-17 21:05:47

Hello to any mumsnetters, I'm trying to move back from NZ with my 12 year old, all the good and outstanding secondaries seem full, all I am looking for is a secondary (could even be private) in a town in the southwest where property isn't too vastly expensive, and which will help my child catch up with the education system. Does anyone out there have any any ideas, as I've run out of them. I went to see Wellington school near Tiverton, seemed really nice, anyone any experience of that? I felt private might be better as he's missed 1.5 yrs of secondary in the UK and done no curriculum subjects over here. Thanks!! Advice gratefully received.

AveEldon Sun 12-Mar-17 10:16:39

Are you looking to rent or buy?

This website combines schools and housing

4Laurie Thu 23-Mar-17 21:38:20

Thanks so much, will check that out. Just found out Kingsbridge down in Devon might have a place, looks lovely down there...

doublesnap Sat 25-Mar-17 13:25:12

Why hasn't he done any curriculum subjects? The UK curriculum isn't that specialist that they wouldn't be covered by most countries, I'd expect NZ to cover them.

4Laurie Sun 26-Mar-17 05:40:47

Hello doublesnap, well no - in fact in NZ a child waits until year 9 to start any specialist subjects, this is when college starts, until then they're at primary school and teachers aren't equipped to teach science for instance, and they may have an hour a week of language, and one hour of technology, that's unless they're at a rather unusual primary school which tries to cover the NZ curriculum which is a guidance document, not a compulsory curriculum, through self directed learning, they won't have done anything but maths and literacy, crazy I know but true. It's a little known fact about NZ but well known by people over here who don't come from here. Even then, there is no geography and no history in the curriculum until about year 10 or 11, so hence panic...if I find a school which chooses GCSE options in year 8, he won't get a chance to do anything except the GCSEs he chooses. I just don't know if he'll catch up now..but still want to come back.

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