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What Happens now we have the offer/accepted it?

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SlapperPJ Thu 09-Mar-17 11:51:48

So we have the offer, have accepted it. I know schools will be doing transition days during the summer term. We will help DD practice the journey over the summer (public transport - bus at 7.45am eeekk).

But what else happens? Will we be written to/emailed by her new school etc at some point - uniform lists etc etc.

Am feeling somewhat "What Next?" and what sort of timescales. I am guessing nothing until at least after 15th March (acceptance deadline) but is it fairly swift after that?

TeenAndTween Thu 09-Mar-17 12:06:52

Mainly I would say don't expect much before summer half term.
They will be dealing with appeals March-May, plus of course the 'big kids' doing their GCSEs/A-Levels.

At DD's school (DD2 in y7) the y7 transition teacher spends time visiting the primaries, talking to y6 teachers (after y6 SATs) so then they can put together a set of balanced tutor groups.

Transition days will likely be in July after the GCSEs are all done and dusted.

We were given a whole load of info in an info pack with around 10 forms to be completed and handed in around the time of the transition days.

Have a good dig around on the school's website, you never know what you might find.

kimlo Thu 09-Mar-17 12:16:38

I was sent the home school agrement in the post to sign and send back. There was a transition day towards the end of the term, but the primary school sorted that as she went to a feeder school, I dont know what happens if they are the only child going to that school.

There was also a summer school in the first week of the summer holidays which dd1 enjoyed.

The uniform could be bought from the school towards the summer holidays, but they gave each primary school a time to go in and I was at work and couldnt leave during the time I was supposed to go. I did ring and ask if I could go later when it was still on but not my time and they said no. Thinking about it now I dont know what they would have done if I had just gone later, but I went to the school uniform suplier and they sorted me out.

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