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Schools for boys in SW London

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ShouldHavePlayedItCooler Tue 07-Mar-17 11:26:20

Hi there,

I'm looking for up-to-date info on the following schools:

Ashcroft Technology College - looks good on paper
Ernest Bevin College - is there still a gang issue?!
Harris Academy Battersea - only heard good things
St Cecilia's - the bullying/suicide incident from 2011 is concerning!

This is for Year 7 entry. Please share your knowledge!

Celeriacacaca Tue 07-Mar-17 13:14:16

Direct and current experience of Ashcroft. I think it's quite a cold impersonal school in its parental interactions i.e. Head going on about discipline, miserable receptionists etc, but DC is very happy. Good support from Head of year when issues and they get good results. Bear in mind students who don't achieve in sixth form are funnelled off to other schools so their results aren't affected.

Ashcroft is second in Wandsworth in terms of progress students make from y7-11 with Harris ahead of them and Graveney just behind. I'd take Harris's achievement claims with a pinch of salt as I hear on pretty good authority that they shipped out a load of poorly performing GCSE students to their other academies so that there results would look better.

St c's: on progress measure (progress 8) it's at the bottom in Wandsworth which is surprising. We didn't choose it as head and senior too vague on where students on music scholarships and in other subjects end up when I asked specific questions. Also, other parents told me it's quite free flow and relaxed and students need to be self starters to succeed. DC not self starter so it wasn't for us! Also at that time the day ended just after 2pm which was too early in my book. Also Ashcroft and I'm sure other schools offer what st c calls a music scholarship i.e. Free tuition for a year. I have friends with DC there and they are happy with it.

Ernest Bevin: I liked it but it was just too far away. V mixed intake but nice feel.

Don't discount Southfields Academy. It's fourth in Wandsworth in terms of progress. Has amazing facilities and, from tour I did, very friendly, welcoming and head and principal are accessible and seem very open. Results are better than other schools such as Burntwood, again which surprised me. Definitely worth a look.

ShouldHavePlayedItCooler Tue 07-Mar-17 13:30:09

That's brilliant, thanks! I'll look at Southfields Academy. I'm glad your experience of Ashcroft is good, as we have high chances to get in.

TawnyPippit Tue 07-Mar-17 13:54:09

Celeriac - as you are clearly in the know, any views on Ark Putney Academy? smile

Celeriacacaca Wed 08-Mar-17 12:22:57

Tawny, not really in the know but know lots of people who're connected and have been through the process twice in recent years. smile Re Ark, or any other schools for that matter, google "compare school performance service Gov" and you can compare whichever schools you want to in terms of progress 8 which is a very good indicator. At Ark I'd be asking why some parents have moved their children to other schools in KS3 and why progress isn't better.

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