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LEH Uniform

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KingsandQueensofMars Mon 06-Mar-17 13:17:17

I read somewhere that LEH were introducing a new uniform this year. Does anyone know if that's true and what the new uniform is like?

nightswimming1 Mon 06-Mar-17 15:01:46

I read elsewhere on MN they were dropping the relaxed uniform and the pp had seen the "blazer and kilt" but hadn't seen it myself!
Loved the school though. I can understand why they want to smarten up a little although parents tend to prefer a more relaxed uniform in my experience!

amidawsh Mon 06-Mar-17 15:54:32

blazer & kilt coming soon

KingsandQueensofMars Mon 06-Mar-17 17:12:07

Thanks. Is that just for senior school or are juniors getting blazers too?

pamplemoussed Mon 06-Mar-17 17:19:32

Just seniors. No change to juniors has been communicated. The sports kit has been updated recently though.

KingsandQueensofMars Mon 06-Mar-17 21:43:34

Thanks Pamplemousse

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