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Graveney opinions please

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streathammum77 Sun 05-Mar-17 15:20:53

There have been a few threads on Graveney school over the years, but I haven't seen an up to date one. I'd be keen to hear from parents with children at Graveney what they think of the school. Is it a strict school? Are the children well behaved, or is there bullying? Is there a good standard of teaching? I've heard the class sizes are larger than average - is that still true? Also, if anyone has experience of the SEN support at Graveney, I'd like to hear about that please. DS is in year 5, but we're thinking ahead. Many thanks in advance for all opinions and input.

Notenoughsleepmumof3 Mon 06-Mar-17 14:30:11

My DD is now in year 8. She's in extension and I think it is a great school. I don't know about the current SEN teacher. The last one is now at my other DC's primary school. It is a big school, but the way they keep the forms together in the first few years based on their academic level for the most part, makes it seem like a small school in some ways. It won't be for everyone. My DD is very with it and I don't need to be on top of her at all, so for us it works. I have very little communication with the school, but when I have, it has been good. The kids there seem really nice and normal. If you park your car on Nimrod or Wellham road you will see all the kids leaving after school and they are respectable teenagers. Class sizes are big, but I've asked my DD about this and she says it's not a problem because she's in the geek form and everyone there is a good student. They still goof off a bit, but it's ok. I do think it depends on what form and level you are in. Many people say it is like two separate schools between extension and the others and that may be true. I don't know because we are in extension and it's been great for us. I think it is a well-rounded school and the teaching is very good. If you look at their results and take into account that only 90 or so kids are in extension and the rest is like a normal comp, the school performs really well, so they seem to have formula that works for everyone in the end. If your DD is academic it will be great. Sport and extracurricular is hit or miss. Feel free to PM me.

streathammum77 Tue 07-Mar-17 11:35:05

Thank you very much for this reply. It's very helpful.

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