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Anybody at Northbridge House Canonbury?

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Bigul Fri 03-Mar-17 20:33:17

Can anobody tell me something about NBH canonbury? For a variety of reasons I may need to try to get my DD in yr7 there for sept 2017. I have read somewhat mixed reviews, but they are largely old, and not based on direct knowledge...DD currently only has a certain place at La Sainte Union, but she does not like the idea of a Catholic School at all.

Notcontent Fri 03-Mar-17 23:00:01

I have no direct experience but know people who speak highly of NBH in Hampstead. I live very close to the one in Canonbury but because it's quite small and new we apples to the one in Hampstead as a "back-up option" - but later I regretted not applying to the one in Canonbury. As things turned out, my dd got a place at another school. But I think it would bea good option, particularly if you are relatively close to it.

MN164 Sat 04-Mar-17 07:59:54

It's a small school trying to build it's student numbers and reputation. There won't be any past parents and very few current parents that will answer here. Better to get into the open day.

My only comment is that the facility is very small yet they charge the same fees as much larger schools running proper facilities - feels like there is a strong profit motive, given their Private Equity ownership. Personally, I don't like businesses in education - at least charities keep the money in the charity and have shareholders to pay out to.

Davros Sat 04-Mar-17 16:27:44

My DD is at NBH in hampstead and we are very happy with it. I don't mind the school being run by a company rather than a so-called charity. We've had no bad experiences related to that in the last 10 years as she joined in nursery. I think it's a red herring that people latch into as a criticism.
Having said that, I can't comment on the Canonbury school!!

Bigul Tue 07-Mar-17 20:10:35

Thanks for your comments and feedback. I shall attend an Open Day this week, and try to form an opinion. MN164, I agree on not liking business in education, but to be honest I do not think any of the private schools can in any meaningful way claim to be a charity...

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