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5th-10th position in waiting list / 35 metres away from offer - chances?

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Jomomope Fri 03-Mar-17 17:11:59

Unfortunately my son has not been offered a place in our 1st choice school.
Based on the published cut off distance we are 35 metres away from an offer. My guess is that we will be in the 5th-10th position in the waiting list to be confirmed on the 15th.
Any experience on getting an offer at the first round (acceptance/declines)? Any sense of our chances of getting a place in a outstanding school in London (35 metres!)?

Mary21 Fri 03-Mar-17 17:26:06

If it's in an area where lots go private chances are probibly good

NotCitrus Fri 03-Mar-17 18:00:17

How big is the school?

Jomomope Fri 03-Mar-17 18:07:14

North London. Muswell Hill. Intake of 232 pupils.

tiggytape Fri 03-Mar-17 18:43:28

Last year's distance may not be exactly the same as this year's distance so you'd need to see where you are on the waiting list and where the last distance offered falls this year.

That said, position 5 to 10 on the list for a London school with a transient population and 200+ students per year should mean your chances are definitely good.

You may not see immediate waiting list movement in mid March even if enough will decline eventually but that's because the council are obliged to chase up people who plan to decline but haven't replied on time to say so. They don't just strip people of their place without every effort to contact them. So there's often a bit of a lag between the date acceptances should be in and the first real surge of waiting list movement.

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