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The Green School Isleworth or St Catherine's Twickenham?

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Marv1nGay3 Thu 02-Mar-17 21:30:25

Struggling to decide between our state school offer for DD at the Green School, Isleworth ( we got a community place) and St Catherine's Twickenham. DD is very sporty and is a really good swimmer. Also a bookworm. St Catherine's might be a better fit for her but then the Green School is a short walk away.... DD really wants to go to St Catherine's but mainly because a) she has a friend going and b) it has a swimming pool! Any thoughts or advice on these schools would be very welcome. We could afford the fees but not without sacrifices. Thanks!

Strix Thu 02-Mar-17 21:51:11

My DD is in Year 9 at The Green School. We are happy. What do you want to know about it?

Marv1nGay3 Thu 02-Mar-17 22:01:09

I am mainly wondering whether it values the arts and music? Also if the pastoral care is good? Thanks

Peanutbutterrules Thu 02-Mar-17 22:34:53

DD at St Catherines and loves it. We couldn't be happier both with Pastoral care and academics. Music is very big at St Caths - especially the choir (s) if your DD is a singer (or like our DD just enthusiastic). Art seems excellent which the GCSE results show. Read the recent ISA report that has just been published on the website to get a feel for it. PM me if you want.

Marv1nGay3 Thu 02-Mar-17 22:58:33

Thanks for really helpful replies. We are leaning towards St Catherine's as we loved it when we looked round..... just feeling a bit torn at the idea of turning down the 'outstanding' state option next door!

Peanutbutterrules Fri 03-Mar-17 08:25:47

I know how you feel. We turned down Lady Margarets!

amidawsh Fri 03-Mar-17 09:36:59

we turned down waldegrave. not easy!

Casbotsproudmum Fri 03-Mar-17 09:44:48

My DD is also in The Green School in year 8. She absolutely loves it and we couldn't be happier with our choice but even though the current HT is very into her music I wouldn't say it is a particularly music / arty school: yes they have a school choir, a chamber choir, spring concert and a drama production each year but I assume most schools have similar to that. The school has got netball, football, indoor rowing and badminton teams that I know of, they also do trampolining and gymnastic as part of the PE but no swimming. What we have noticed is that even though my DD is very sporty most of other girls schools would have several different teams, i.e. A, B and C depending on ability: the Green School only got one team for each year group. That aside, the pastoral care is very good, the teaching is very good and as said: my DD loves it. Think it would come down to what you think is right for your DD and where she would fit in the best: swimming and sports is something they can do outside school and not something I would make a choice based upon whether the school offers it.

amidawsh Fri 03-Mar-17 10:04:44

Would your DD benefit from tiny class sizes and a small school? That's the real USP of St C. You can't pay the £ it costs just for a swimming pool.

I also liked their approach to languages - in yr7 do a 10 week (iirc) course of each (french, spanish, german) and THEN choose. Most schools, if you get a choice, make you choose first.

Strix Fri 03-Mar-17 10:10:27

I would agree with Casbot's post. But I would emphasise that TGS has an cellent pastoral care. The entry in year 7 is so very supportive and really goes to great lengths to help these girls bond. It is such a positive welcoming to secondary school.

But, whilst they offer quite a few sports clubs, my daughter thinks its not cool to join any of them. That's probably why they only have one team per year. I would like to see more encouragement across the student body to join extracurricular activities. But they are there for those who are naturally inclined/motivated.

However, she has just selected her GCSEs, and she has chosen very wisely (before I had any input). I'm certainly impressed with the academic motivation/encouragement.

Marv1nGay3 Fri 03-Mar-17 10:20:06

Thanks for replies. I also liked their approach to languages at St Catherine's. The Green School does not offer German, only French and Spanish. I am a professional musician myself and we wanted a school with lots of music, too. Thanks again.

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