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Kew House School vs Ibstock Place

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Londonloubelia Wed 22-Feb-17 22:19:22

I need to make a decision by Friday for dd, between these two schools. Can any current parent advise me on both but particularly Kew House School.

alldonenow2 Thu 23-Feb-17 18:13:08

I have a child at Kew House. Very happy and has been since day one. In Year 9 now. Super friendly school - not really many cliques as the kids are mixed up in tutor groups and set for maths from the beginning so they all know everyone. Lots of extra curricular activities - trips, sports etc. Everyone can be involved - if you like sport you can play in a team and there is a very wide range on offer. Disadvantage of new school is that some admin procedures a bit new and it's not the organised machine that some of the big schools are. Positive is that all the teachers are relatively new to the school and very enthusiastic and dedicated - I've been really impressed. One thing to consider is the curriculum - the long lesson times and the rotating languages and creative subjects are quite different to other schools. They also start GCSE courses in year 9. Best thing about the school for me is the staff. My dc was quite shy when he started - he isn't now, his confidence has grown very rapidly in such a comfortable environment.

Londonloubelia Thu 23-Feb-17 19:07:03

Thank you, that is a great help. I'm taking dh to see it to show him how good I think it is, great to hear the staff are enthusiastic, certainly the head came across that way too.

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