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Southbank Int'l School

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StillLifeWithFlowers Tue 21-Feb-17 11:55:33

Hello Everyone,

DC is in secondary school and we are thinking of moving to Southbank International School to do the IB. Have also applied to ASL but have not heard yet. Have read all I can find on Southbank v. ASL on these boards and am a bit concerned by the sort of 'meh' attitude Southbank generates (e.g., read Southbank is referred to as ASL's 'parking lot.'). We visited Southbank and it seemed calm, low-key but focused and with many opportunities, etc. Does anyone have any additional input on Southbank? Fyi, we are an expat family and kids have been in English system thus far. Not crazy about GCSE/A-Levels. DC seems to want to go to uni in USA. If I alone had to chose for DC, my instinct would be Southbank because it seems slightly more relaxed but still with opportunities and capacity to excel, but don't want to compromise DC's future if Southbank really is just a 'parking lot' for ASL.

Any input greatly appreciated!

nylon14 Tue 21-Feb-17 12:46:58

There are quite a few other schools that have the IB now, Kings (coed sixth form), G&L, NLCS, Dwight. From what I've heard Southbank can be tricky socially because children are often leaving. Few families stay past two years, but that's what the school caters for really. Many children go to North American universities from schools with just A levels. Although, having done the IB myself, I definitely understand that appeal. ASL does APs not the IB, which was turn off for us.

StillLifeWithFlowers Tue 21-Feb-17 13:01:23

Thank you, nylon14, for taking the time to respond!

sugarfoot Tue 21-Feb-17 13:44:46

This is a year old now but worth reading

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