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Samuel Ryder academy

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Nandinia Mon 20-Feb-17 19:01:48

Hi all,
I moved into St Albans from out of UK a couple of months ago. My son (Year 8) didn't get the school in our catchment and I was forced to send him to Townsend school which was the only school with vacancy in this city. He has now been offered Samuel Ryder and is wait listed 1 on Verulam school. I need your help as I am getting mixed reviews on Samuel Ryder. Should I wait out for a spot in Verulam? I am new to this country and need advise on helping me take a call. Thanks.

jaguar67 Mon 20-Feb-17 21:30:32

Hi there - are you not happy with Townsend? I've heard good things from parents with DCs there? Not sure what Samuel Ryder would give as extra? If Verulam is your target school ultimately you'd need to check that accepting a transfer now wouldn't jeopardise that. The local ed auth would be able to advise.

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