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PGS or Churcher's College?

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Ellerslie2012 Mon 13-Feb-17 10:19:47

Hello. My daughter will be starting Year 7 in Sept. 2017 and has recently been offered a place at both Portsmouth Grammar School and Churcher's College. We have visited both schools but would really value the views on both schools from those of you who have first hand experience. My daughter is quite an all-rounder and loves music. We live in Havant so both are equally convenient in terms of commute, although I think she'd have more friends living nearer us if she goes to PGS. I think PGS is seen as more prestigious and academic (although both get good exam results) but Churcher's is going to be quite a bit cheaper over all the years (we have 3 children). Churcher's is also smaller and all on one site. Any thoughts would be gratefully received! We want her to be challenged, have lots of opportunities but also be happy! Thank you.

rainbowjoy Mon 13-Feb-17 16:01:39

Lots of Churcher's pupils come Farnham area and North of Petersfield so friends could be further away. On a plus point I like the all on site sports facilities plus it has a great pool. Academic wise don't think that there is much in it between the two schools. We just got a better vibe from Churcher's than PGS.

Ellerslie2012 Mon 13-Feb-17 17:49:26

Thank you for your helpful comment. We loved the atmosphere at Churcher's when we visited too.

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