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12 yr old DD going to Westfield

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TigerLeo Sun 12-Feb-17 19:55:58

My 12 year old daughter wants to go to Westfield Shepherds Bush with 13 yr old school friend, by train. Should I let her go alone?

Petalbird Sun 12-Feb-17 20:02:55

Yes as long as she knows exactly how get there and back by herself and doesn't get too panicked if lost (Westfields is a maze)

Reasontobelieve Sun 12-Feb-17 22:12:42

Yes - if you feel that she is reasonably confident and her friend is sensible.

I am guessing that she is in Y7 or 8? My dd was doing this with her friends at this age and it was a stepping stone to going further afield and gaining further independence.

minesawine Sun 12-Feb-17 23:09:06

Yes. My DD went with her friends in Year 7. She was gone for 4 hours. I was nervous, but it was fine. She travelled by train and had no problems at all.

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