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Business and Media BTEC?

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reup Wed 08-Feb-17 20:41:11

My son is in Y9 has to choose his last option. All his other choices are very EBACC-y. ( Although he's dyslexic and I'm not sure how his working memory will hold up with final exams but he's not very practical either)

I've read the school's info but wondered if anyone had any opinion on these courses.


bojorojo Thu 09-Feb-17 10:44:36

I would do this if he is interested in the subjects. If he has the full range of GCSEs but you are worried about exams, doing a course with a different format may benefit him a great deal. Is he likely to do A levels?

reup Thu 09-Feb-17 18:51:10

Thanks for replying. No I am not worried about him doing a non GCSE. They only have 4 choices after compulsory 2xenglish, Maths and 2xscience. So he's doing one more science option to make it triple, history and geography. He hates mfl and not keen on any of the DTs, art, PE, RE or music or computing. So that really only leaves those 2!

I just wondered what the work load/content was like, he'll put media first as he's probably more interested in that in general.

No idea about a levels - I can't imagine him doing long essays. He wants to do something with railway engineering but without actually knowing any details of what it involves!

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