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Colyton Grammar

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Sarahnaug Tue 07-Feb-17 06:17:42

We're moving to the Charmouth area in 2019 when my husband retires and are hoping to get our 2 sons into Colyton on the 12 and 13+ entry. Having just navigated the nightmare of the London 11+ system I know it's going to be VERY tough to get into Colyton and am considering starting to tutor them now. Any advice would be gratefully received. What sort of workbooks should I buy? Are there any good local tutors?

liggylilo Thu 07-Sep-17 11:44:25

The school usually has only one or two places maximum for entry at 12+ or 13+: children who move (no-one does) or don't like it, with a waiting list in operation of people who sat the 11+. So the chance of getting them in is tiny

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