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Monmouth Boys School Admissions Exam

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Jodup49 Sun 05-Feb-17 18:15:02

I was wondering whether anyone has a child who has previously written the admissions exam to the Monmouth Boys School at 11? I ask as my son who is a bright boy (and is currently in private education and doing well) wrote the exam yesterday. He wasn't very well but had no option but to write it. However he really feels he did not give a good account of himself and I am worried now that he won't get in. He spent last night in tears and I am desperate for him. He has an offer of a place at his current school but we really want him to move over to MBS. He feels he did well in two of the three papers but towards the end was flagging and feeling faint and knows that he did very badly/ possibly failed one paper. Does anyone have experience of the school's standards at this level of entry? Does the school have a reputation for taking only the brightest? I don't want to contact the school explaining that he was feeling unwell as it looks like I am trying to make excuses for a sub-par performance. Just don't know what to do here to be honest...

4Laurie Thu 30-Mar-17 02:27:40

Hi, I don't think you need worry at all, my 12 year old recently spent all day taking their tests, didn't do well at maths, much better in English and they are willing to take him. He spent last year in a NZ primary school barely doing anything, so I can't think the standard is out of reach, probably looking for potential. He passed the 11 plus though, but that was sometime ago and tragically we didn't send him to the grammar as he took against it. What draws you to Monmouth, for me it's the area of the country..

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