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Cardiff Sixth Form College

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Mumtlee Sun 05-Feb-17 11:09:39

My DD is going to apply for this college for its brilliant academic achievement. However, there was news that the college ran into financial trouble and is being monitored by government, and there is also a proposal of selling the college. I am not sure whether such financial matter would affect the school operation, such as leaving of key staff, and hence cause a negative impact on its education quality. Furthermore, I heard that if a student could not acquire the required results at school in the first year of study, the college will transfer the student to other campus in Oxford where there would be less support. I am struggling if my DD should attempt this college. Could anybody provide me advice?

CSFCOfficial Tue 07-Feb-17 09:25:34


I would recommend you email us at the college directly via where we can answer your questions fully; however as a quick response the individuals being investigated by the charity commission have no involvement at the college and are former members of staff. There has been no impact to the education that we provide our students, there have been no teaching staff changes this academic year.

CSFC has only one college based in Cardiff and no affiliation with any other campus.

If you could email us then I would be more than happy to provide more of an insight in to our college.


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