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Claremont School / Battle Abbey / Eastbourne - East Sussex

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KenningtonKitty Thu 02-Feb-17 09:34:25

Our son is currently in Year 7 and we are now looking at Secondary Schools.

We have "narrowed" it down to 3 schools, 2 "Day" schools, Claremont and Battle Abbey and 1 Boarding, Eastbourne.

He is not at all sporty but is keen on ICT / computer programming, stage lighting and sound and DT. He is entrepeneurial and a "doer" - loves a job.

Was looking for feedback from anyone with experience of the 3 schools please. Our thoughts / concerns are:

Claremont - We were very impressed when we visited - children were welcoming, interested and engaging (looked you in the eye - can't say that for all the schools we have seen!) even though they were at school on a Saturday. Recent excellent OFSTED last minute inspection. Results appear to be very good. Seems to encourage and enable the individual. Great Co-curricular programme offering something for everyone. Concerns are run as a private business so no Governing Body. We have been told a fairly high turnover of staff - any evidence of this ? Ageing owner so succession issues ?

Battle Abbey - Again, we really liked it when visiting. Very forward thinking head. Happy kids. Great results. Really liked the new 6th form accommodation across the road. Anyone out there with experience of the school ?

Eastbourne - We really like this as a boarding option, if he turns out to be a "boarding" type ! Facilities are excellent for the things he enjoys (drama / ICT / DT) and also attracted to CCF (which is compulsory in Year 9) Anyone have any thoughts on new head - is he liked / doing a good job so far ? Concerns are there was a bit of a feeling walking around that if you aren't a sporty type you are "second tier" - or is it a big enough school that there are a range of talents and "types" and this isn't a problem ? Have heard rumours of bullying being an issue - son has had a few bullying problems at prep school (all now sorted thankfully) and very keen to find out if these are just rumours or should we be more concerned.

Anyone have any thoughts / comments - would be much appreciated - or are there any secondary mixed schools in these areas that you think we should look at ?

Thanks so much.

peaches98 Sat 20-May-17 01:09:20

Also looking for information about Eastbourne college. Its not a selective school from what I heard. But i heard that rugby is compulsory. Its not very academic if you compare it with Brighton college. But i think Eastbourne has good pastorial care.

BlackbirdSingsInTheDeadOfNight Sun 21-May-17 10:39:30

Hi Peaches, I have a child at Claremont and we are extremely happy with the school. DC loves going there, has a lot of friends and is heavily involved in music, sports and pretty much everything the school has to offer. Because of the relatively small size of the school, every child has the opportunity to get really involved in everything and find something that they can excel at. There are great opportunities for pupils interested in stage management, lighting, sound etc. It doesn't matter if you're not keen on sport. You are correct that the school is owned privately rather than governed by a board, but to date we haven't found this to be a problem.

I've also heard good things about Battle Abbey. Don't know anything about Eastbourne College as it's a bit further down the coast. Please feel free to PM me if you want any further details.

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