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anyone know about the Bablake school in Coventry?

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littlelz Sun 29-Jan-17 21:08:11

We are moving to Coventry area and I am looking for a good independent school for DD who is Y6 now. Any comments on the Bablake school? I checked the league table and found this one seems the best in the Coventry area. Am I right? Thanks.

BablakeSchool Tue 31-Jan-17 11:08:04


I hope you don't mind me replying directly to you - it is great to hear that you are considering Bablake as an option for your daughter.

We'd recommend coming to visit us so you and your daughter can get a feel for the school and meet some of our teachers and pupils. We also have lots of information on our website which gives an insight into the education and opportunities on offer here at Bablake.

If you would like to arrange a visit or if you have any further questions please either email or call the admissions team on 024 7627 1248 - we'd be happy to help in any way we can.

Kind regards,
Admissions Office
Bablake School

MrsK Tue 31-Jan-17 14:41:29

My Niece went there through to 6th form. As far as I'm aware my in laws & niece had a very positive experience & great results A* across the board. I can find out more detail if you'd like?

littlelz Tue 31-Jan-17 16:28:21

thanks for your reply. I would like to hear some personal experience and feelings. hope you can share some.

littlelz Tue 31-Jan-17 16:58:20

many thanks for your kind reply, BablakeSchool. I will contact the school for a visit if we would like to go. hope to talk to you soon.

MrsK Tue 31-Jan-17 18:53:35

You're welcome Littlelz,

I'm away with work until the weekend, I'll speak to my Sister in Law when I get back. My Niece is harder to track down, enjoying University life.

OdinsLoveChild Wed 01-Feb-17 09:59:32

My cousins DS goes there. He loves it and always wants to talk to you about his day. He does lots of sport and extra curricular activities, I think that's why they picked the school. I don't really know about his academic achievement but generally they seem to have good results.
Sorry its a bit vague, I felt you hadn't had many responses so just wanted to add my little bit.

MrsAHotch Wed 01-Feb-17 10:02:45

Both DH and his brother attended there until 6th form and I have a few colleagues who have children there too. By all accounts, it is an excellent school in the area.

portico Wed 01-Feb-17 14:59:35

As I understand it, Bablake and King Henrys are owned by the Coventry Founation. Both schools have their own junior and senior schools. YEar Seven entry exams were in the first week of January, surprised the Bablake contact on here did not mention that. School is good, solid but not spectacular results at GCSE and A level. Entrance exam is not steching, in fact it is selection by money. Rather than ability. Depending which side of the city you live shoes the East Warks or South Warks grammar schools instead.

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